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  1. Does smoothbeam work with red marks from scars?
  2. I've been on this method for about a week and a half now, someday once, some day twice, some day none at all, depending on my schedule. I'm using with the Nu-Derm Obagi. I'm feeling slight pain on my nose, and one time veins appear on my temple, do you think I should stop, because I don't really want to as I want to see what's working for me as quickly as possible.
  3. I've always told people who think of acne as no big deal, "carve yourself a mark and see if you still hold the same sentiment."
  4. If you think people do not have a favorable opinion toward people with acne, then why would you prefer acne over obesity? Go back to grade school troll.
  5. boi, how long have you done this? Also, does it matter if I apply to each spot more than once?
  6. I'm planning to go on a fruit and vegetable diet(desperation time), just wondering if taking the supplements with fruit will be as effective as with "normal" food?
  7. I have some stuff that's more than 1 year-old, just wondering if it's okay to use them?
  8. Does anyone here use Obagi Nu-Derm and know if I can do this in conjunction with it?