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  1. I also know what you mean about memory... I find myself saying something but, when I get to a certain word, I completely blank on it and usually use an alternative word. Remembering conversations I had with my girlfriend a day before are also foggy. Hopefully this will all come back to me soon :/
  2. as an update, I was talking to a few friends of mine who I smoke with.... I mentioned some of the anxiety I was getting and they also were feeling the same things. I feel better now and it really has helped knowing I am not alone.
  3. You may not think this discussion belongs in this section but, in my case it does. I have been suffering from acne since I was 13, I am now 19. My acne is all but gone (1 active pimple) and I have scars left over. I have always been a self-conscious person even before my acne problems. When acne got bad I became very self conscious and thought about my skin daily, though it was not at the point of obsession. Now 6 years later my obsession is worse then ever; all I think about is my scars and h
  4. Dont kill yourself. Find something you love, move somewhere else in the world. Try to work around your imperfections. I bet if you move to Papua New Guinea or some other tropical island and not stress about your face so much you will feel better in no time and you skin will improve. If you do nothing but think about your skin you need to fill you life up with stuff so you dont think about it. I know my idea is pretty far fetched but seriously... Do something you love, spend your time on it and
  5. My acne started at 14/15 and its now just stopping at 18.. You can imagine there is some scarring but over all I think I look pretty good. But one thing I have learned that beauty is relitive, no matter if you have severe acne or mild acne you will always hate it. I have seen some absolutely gorgeous people on this forum, you think they are here to put us down? No, they just want to be better, everyone strides to be better.
  6. You ever see acne commercials when your friends with no acne are in the room.... SO FUCKING AWKWARD!
  7. I made a joke about this in a thread a week ago I think.
  8. I love sad music Helps me relax and feel good, and I dont know why... Ben Harper - Another Lonely Day Five for fighting - 100 years James Blunt - You're Beautiful Ben Folds - The Luckiest I hate emo music, not because of the 'message' but they just have no talent...
  9. works for me Check my gallery for proof
  10. I am convinced no matter how much better my skin gets I will still see every slight imperfection and stress.