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  1. great! i also use a sunbed quite often and i love it... very good for the skin (in moderation) , and very good for the self confidence. just ignore all the whining people here...
  2. I think this is an excellent question!!! but im afraid to comment on it because i know ill get flamed.
  3. jojoba oil is awesome... and it wont break you out! i put it on my entire face at night and i have never had less acne problems. infact my acne is non existing. It is very good to combat irritation, redness, and flakiness. just make sure its 100% pure btw. have been using it everyday for 2 years.
  4. i wouldnt use this stuff if i were you. it is known to be a very strong irritant, and can cause allergies. I used this stuff in the past and got badly burnt by it. have never used it since then.
  5. i dont know any guys who dont go to tanning salons...where i live almost everyone does it regularly. the only ones that dont are the ones with very pale skin because they dont get color
  6. acne can be a lot worse than cancer..... i oftenly wished i had a terminal disease instead of fucking wrecked skin. then i could be accepted, and people would remember me for who i really am, and not what i have been turned in to. It is true that cancer can kill people physically. but heavy cosmetic problems can kill people psychologically...... making them totally depressed.... practically dead.... shadows of the people they used to be..... heavy cosmetic diseases can be a life long prison.
  7. """If you're a white girl (which you probably are) just stay pasty. I prefer natural tans to that tanning salon stuff, mainly because you won't look like you live in the Caribbean when it's 20 degrees out.""" BS!!!
  8. i think the dead sea will help u big time. Most psoriasis, and eczema patients come home completely clear after being at the dead sea. these conditions are strongly conected to acne, so i think it will affect acne in the same way. The dead sea is very accepted for its healing abilities. Here in denmark people with skin conditions can be sent to israel for a few weeks on the societys bill, if they ask for it, and if they can persuade their doctor. a month ago i ordered a bucket of dead sea salt
  9. i have ordered some dead sea salt from deadseamineral.com.... however it was supposed to arrive in 5-10 days.. now it has been way over a month, and i havent heard anything from them yet. Im starting to get worried. damn! anyway the reason that i wanted to try deadseasalt was that i had good results with using sea salt, so i thought why not take it all the way. i will keep you updated about how the deadseasalt works as soon as/if i receive it.