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  1. From my understanding, if accutane isn't working for you - Nothing in the market short of a shot gun to blow up your face will work.
  2. That's what I don't want... I DON'T want to live my life taking accutance for many years. 5 courses is a very long time, you're right it's better than acne but god... I'm about to start Tane in the beginning of April and I really want to keep my hopes up and I don't want acne... I don't want acne. :(
  3. So I can keep wearing them as long as I have my drops with me at all times right? (which I already do)
  4. I know 3 people who went on accutance, 2 of which completely eradicated acne from their life and the third still occasionally (like once every few months) gets a zit. My question is how does it work in terms of long term eradication? How does it stop acne from appearing months, years even decades down the line?
  5. antiobiotics treat existing cysts but the cure and prevention is accutance and no other.
  6. Everything has risks. Subcision is a very good alternative for shallow scars, give it a try.
  7. If it has an expiration date on it, then it's there for a reason. Better safe than sorry, go buy a new one.
  8. @Jasmin I'm pretty far away from LA babe, try Kuwait. @Agoff The doctor is pretty conservative, he refused to do the invasive procedures my impatient ass was asking for but I'm glad I listened to what he had to say. When I started with him, I asked for a 40% TCA peel which he did, given the condition of my skin back then who wouldn't do it, that was followed by a 50% full face TCA peel in August (2 weeks after the first one he did), after that he put me on contractubex (3 times daily) and Oba
  9. Not sure if you recall but almost 5 weeks ago I made a thread about my first experience with subcision, my doctor subcised two scars and I have noticed an excellent improvement (about 30-40% on each), naturally I took an appointment which is in 18 HOURS to subcise all scars on my face. Most of my scars (like 90%) are rolling scars that literally disappear entirely with a simple stretch of the skin. I will be subcising all of those in addition to the 2-4 box/ice pick scars I have. I hope the res
  10. @dingdingding Bleaching agents for my brown marks but no. I had two subcisions done which did wonders but I did those on just TWO scars and none of them were my rolling scars. I fully KNOW that contractubex is not designed for my kind of scars but my doctor swears by it and I didn't believe him at first, I thought he was just trying to prolong my sessions with him, in reality he was helping me. Contractubex again IMPROVED my rolling scars by more than 50%. It probably didn't do all the work, bu
  11. I've been using contractubex for the last 5 months, it has worked wonders. Just last week I was looking at my scars and I barely recognize them anymore - throw in a full face subcision next saturday and I'm on my way to a more scar free face. The trick with Contractubex is that you have to be DEDICATED, rarely missing an application. I apply it 2-3 times a day every 3-5 hours (not at night cuz I have a regimen of night creams I use). The good news is that contractubex is designed for long term
  12. I'd go to the beach!!! WALK UNDER THE SUN IN CONFIDENCE!!! Throw away all my concealers and foundations! SMILE.