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  1. coppertone has a spray on tanner...ask around for it..its also oil-free
  2. i go to a lab and they send it to the derm
  3. there's a really good shaving cream by neutrogena that doesn't clog pores
  4. tell me how it goes..do you just literally rub it on your face with cotton swab?
  5. sex does not cause acne. sex = satisfaction satisfaction = less stress less stress = no acne thats ag ood way of putting it
  6. Hey guys, I'm currently on my 2nd round of Accutane. On my first round, I basically used a face wash (Cetaphil) and moisurizer (cetaphil as well). Let's come up with a list of GOOD products to use on Accutane. CERALIP by LA ROCHE POSAY for the lips Carmex for the lips... feel free to add more