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  1. i might even have too agree to this theory. i had minor breakouts before heading off overseas. I went on holidays for 30 days. i didnt masturbate for those 30 days. Clear.100% clear. I came back. Went like crazy.sometimes 3 times a day. I broke out for the worst.... I might give it a week too see how it goes.
  2. In regards to the peel it takes under 5 mins to perform since it is a very strong peel. I recommend leaving this too a professional who knows what their doing. Usually the only downtime is to stay out of the sun the following day because your skin is so prone to getting sunburnt. At the time I was doing a blue light on Monday and by the Thursday I did the peel. PRIORI – containing Idebenone, The most powerful antioxidant in the world. That has been proven. This unmatched skin rejuvenation co
  3. Im sick and tired of ppl making fun of other ppls problems. they prob dun know how it feels to live with something that can affect your life in so many ways. Some ppl r jus up themselves..
  4. This is one of my first posts on my path to clearing acne. I haven’t seen many reviews on this forum in regards to this treatment. I’m only posting this because it worked for me. It didn’t make me flawless I must admit but it did do enough that I feel better about myself and that’s all I care about. I made this huge leap when people started too crack jokes about my face. It made me feel bad inside and my confidence dropped. What the people around me didn’t know
  5. Im gonna have to totally agree 100% with you on this. The best thing Ive ever done is a simple light cleanser like cetaphil and pat dry my face daily n its done more than proactiv or any other product ive ever used. Ive been suffering for 7 long years n now my skin is slowly recovering from all the harsh crap ive stuffed on it over the years. At fist i broke out like mad crazy but it got better and better.
  6. Proactiv was a major part of my regime over the span of my acne life. Guess what, Cetaphil was the answer to my skin problems. Ive defended proactiv in the past because it did get rid of my acne to an extent..I was happy but after clearing my acne it left made skin texture i regret ever touching the stuff. anyways i broke out sometime 2 years later and gave up on proactiv after it stopped working and decided to give cetaphil a shot....been 4 weeks and my skin is healing from 2 years of proactiv.
  7. One thing Ive noticed is that I went on holidays for about a month and brought no products like BP with me. I only used St Ives apricote scrub every 2-3 days. I recall after coming back the texture of my skin was great and not only that my acne wasnt that worse. Another thing I would like to add is that I didnt masturbate for those 30 days as well.hmmm.. Anyways after coming back i went back to masturbating,but like crazy and guess what ibroke out all over the place. This was the worse break o
  8. This is my story. I was on proactiv for a whole year.Oh the wonders it did. It slowly got rid of my acne to the stage where my skin was so flawless in some area. My forehead was so clear as before it was invaded by acne. I was socialising abit more now. Then apparently it jus hit me. acne slowly appeared in areas where there was no acne before...it totally fukd my whole face up real bad.. not happy!!!!! im a guy so no make up! all i have to say is that my face got better wen i got off it.