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    You know I would, if I could. I'll do anything spontaneously
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    Quiero mirar películas, salga con mis amigos, y yo adoro cocinar <br /><br />I am minoring in Spanish at my university : )

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  1. Hey Amber, long time no chat. If you get this check out my site http://mtprovideo.com and throw me an e-mail I'd love to catchup :) Hope life is treating you well :) Cheers!

  2. Youre from Indiana! How about those Colts :)

  3. Hey guys! I hope everyone had a great holiday! Mine wasnt as good as I hoped as my mom fell very ill and we did not go on our cruise. Oh well, its probably best to stay out of the sun, anyhow. My skin is definately manageable. I never have much of anything going on, but I am not ever clear anymore. Usually the pimple is so small its not even noticeable, so I am not complaining. I go to the derm next Friday and I am wondering if he will keep me on what I am on now. Jan Marini Face Wash
  4. Merry Christmas =)

  5. Wow, that really is quite the situation. It does not matter what anyone says, the only thing that matters is that you are happy. It is impossible to change someone, as I learned with Grant, so him loving the single life will probably hang around for quite a while. It is quite peculiar he will not let you know his son, and I, too, would find that unacceptable. I guess I would respond to that by asking him if he only sees you as a temporary part of his life, because, why else could you now kno
  6. You look great, lady! I am so happy for you! What ever happened with that boyfriend of yours, are you still with him? -Amber
  7. Good luck hun! Your skin turned out beautifully the first time around, hopefully this time will give you a lifetime of clear skin!!
  8. Hey hey guys! I love the new format! I was so surprised. Charlie, Jenna, Fire and Tina, thank you so much for your kind words! AND as most of you said, I needed time to adjust. My skin is not nearly as bumpy. I am not 100 percent clear anymore but I am pretty darn close. I get tiny pimples on my cheeks or forehead but not consistently. I am happy. This new taz is somewhat evil for my skin as its peeling like it never has before. Nothing stops it. I am scared because in a few weeks I a
  9. Hmmm, feeling discouraged! My face looks unstable, bumpy and it is scaring me. I have been using taz, and I got upped to the higher percentage gel 2 weeks ago so I am wondering if that is why I am breaking out a bit. I am so scared guys.
  10. 1. Wash my face to get taz off from night before 2. Apply Ultra Calming Lotion 3. Apply maybelliene Pure makeup in medium 2 4. Use Loreal True Match as concealer to cover red marks 5. Eyeliner (Mary Kay- black) 6. Eyeshadow (Clinique) 7. Powder to set foundation but after eyeshadow to ensure I do not set eyeshadown on my upper cheek (cover girl medium) 8. Mascera (Bour jois pump up the volume) 9. Blush or bronzer- Bare escentuals rose radiance or mary kay bronzer 10. Lip gloss (10 min
  11. Hahaha, ok, sad news, either acne.org is bad luck or taz is really working.... Halloween was a busy busy time for me, so I neglected taz big time for 5 days. Thursday rolls around, and I break out on my forehead! I never break out on my forhead. This is the first time in months I have had pimples that could be squeezed. I had 2 pimples and lots of clogged pores around them. Strange. It was no biggie, no one could really notice but it sure was a wake up call to continue using taz religious
  12. Thanks Matt, and I will do my best! hahaha, nice to meet ya dear. Oh, and for those of you who have not checked, I updated my album!
  13. Tina- How are things going with you? Are you still with the same guy? Grant and I were on the outs starting in the beginning of the summer, after he cheated on me. Ayeayeaye. Jon has been my friend all through college and he is wonderful to me! Charlie- I am so sorry about the rosecea but thank goodness you are mostly clear! Its so nice to hear from you. I have been doing the gentle yag laser with more power with each treatment. Its hurts a lot less now, and I am red and swollen for abo