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  1. It has been 6 months now and when i started id have to say i had pretty bad acne. Nothing that i couldnt face every morning but like all of you guys, i had my good days and bad days. I finally said enough is enoguh with retin cream and just "washing my face with soap" like my dad would say. I decided that my face doctor (cant remember the word) wasnt doing anything good for me, so thats what brought me here and im so glad that i found it. I started Dan's Regimen 11/21 and its coming up on th
  2. alright im a month and half into the regimen so i think ill wait maybe another month b4 i really need to or HAVE to get some Red mark fader (AHA), i think ill check out that neutrogena stuff first and then see how that works. I mean i love having less acne each day and week from this regimen, but i def need some help with thesse red marks. THANKS FOR THE HELP
  3. ok so if i buy this aha or gylic acid to help my red marks fade, where do i apply this in my routine? After the BP? Will it screw up Dans Regimen? I mean dont get me wrong i REALLY want to get rid of these red marks, however, ill take them over CONSTANT acne. Any suggestions, or is the Gylic acid not gonna screw up my routine? Also what kind is the best to get a CVS?
  4. Ive been on Dans Regimen since November 21st and am using Cetaphil Wash, BP and Little Moisturizer at morning and night and have recently been prescribed by my dermatologist to use Dioxycin antibotics which are pills with each meal.... My acne or active acne has significantly decreased, still get the daily whitehead or pimple here and there but im frustrated withall the red marks on the lower half of my face... Ive heard a little about this aha? moisteruizer that gets rid of red marks.. i was w
  5. bloodcries it is true that if u wash off the oil it will come back because thats what the skin does... also when you shave, it grows back faster... but if u dont wanna believe that, thats fine
  6. how do i get this gycolic acid 10%? do u know what exactly it does? im just frustrated cuz my skin would look good if i didnt have this red glow to it... my acne has cleare dup a bit so its worth it. But over time you would think your skin could get used to the BP and would stop getting so red
  7. Hey, well i have white skin and ihave been on the routine for about 4 weeks now. I was already using the BP b4 i went on this treatment, however, i washed it off and did not rub it in, as instruced to do in the Clear Skin Regimen. Ever since day 1 my skin has become noticably darker, very red, mostly the lower half of my face. It almost looks like im blushing constantly. It is frustrating but i notice that my skin is getting better and only a few whiteheads/pimples each day. My skin has cle
  8. I started 3 days ago and ive seen instant results... Although my face is very dry, red and oily, it gets lesser and lesser each day. My acne has cleared up alot although the red marks are still their from previous acne. I hope that i dont go thorugh any breakout stages and can stay clear. Heres my Regimen: Morning Was Face with Cetaphil Face Wash on lower part of face. (dries up skin, washes nicely tho) wait 5-10 mins Rub in gentle the BP (mines is from Proactiv) for about 2 mins Then i so
  9. its prply not the best thing to have cats who are pretty dirty rubbing your neck and face, i would try to avoid the cats touching your upper part of the body because, is it worth it to get acne or breakouts???
  10. IM not very sure about your routine... ive heard tee tree oils are not good for you but that may be a myth however, i do not, that ppl have tried all different stuff and it seems not to work.... i just started the regimen on this website myself and i feel like its gonna work. I recommend it to you and stuff all your complicating stuff cuz your face prply doesnt react well to it. The more simple you can be with washing your face, the better. Thats why i think this regimen works. Try it, wat
  11. tommyc

    anyone got this

    apparenty when acne is gone it takes 4-5 months or longer for red spots or marks to go away... However those are better than actual acne itself even tho it is very frustrating. There are apparently things and producets used to spot treat these marks, however, nothing really proven.
  12. I used BP for Proactiv (actually a bootleg proactiv called acne4free) but i washed off the BP in this medicine and now i have to rub it in which makes my whole face look like a watermelon its sooo red. I am using a whole finger of BP, do u think i should knock it down to half a finger? Thanks for all replies, I really appreciate it
  13. Im on the Clear Skin Regimen now for the 3rd day.... my face is very red and i want to know what it was like for you guys who have done it and how long the redness lasts? Also, what were your results? Thanks, Tommy
  14. yo you should try this regimen they got on this website... i got whiteheads in the morning and i have had bad acne for maybe 6 months... dermatologist was a waste of time for me. I am currently on day 2 of the regimen and im only experiencing redness and not many breakout, just whiteheads pop up everyday. However, i can tell im clearing up and once my face gets used to all the chemicals together, i know its gonna be good. So i suggest the Clear Skin Regimen.
  15. Now ive seen some intial clearing of my skin, however, my problem area (lower portion of face beneath cheekbone) is much more red than the rest of my face (and neck). Now i know it said starting this regimen that i will experience redness, however i have been using Benezyol Peroxide recently b4 this regimen so i am somewhat used to it. Im worried that if i only wash my problem area, that their will be a change in colors of my face. Discolorment if that is a word, and i just want to know it will