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  1. doxy doesn't just work temporarily, it will keep killing some bacteria after it wears down, and it also acts as an anti-inflammatory
  2. i never turned a corner during either of my accutane treatments, i had moderate acne there was an extremely gradual improvement.. but i could barely tell the difference... mostly my skin became a lot more dry
  3. mine thinned a bit in a couple spots... its back to normal though..
  4. been doing this for the last two weeks... tazorac is making me break out, but no complications other than that
  5. 3 months.. barely notice a difference. my skin feels incredibly smooth where i dont have acne due to the Eucerin AHA though
  6. freaking awesome, congrats Dan! !!!
  7. just admitting that this isnt working to myself now really made me depressed.....................................................................
  8. i've been on the regimen 2.5 months now, have barely seen a difference.. its really frustrating since i barely had one or two zits a couple weeks before i started, i made the mistake of using that multivitamin neutrogena stuff with salicylic acid. which made my face worse and prompted me to get on the regimen, it should work, im doing everything right im just going to wait until i can get an appointment with my dermatologist and stop the regimen if she has a better idea of what to do.. no wa
  9. great post Eburt, thanks for sharing your thoughts
  10. i used that right before i went on the regimine. It causes a lot of irratation and made things worse for me..
  11. mine burned like crazy for 3 weeks before it got any better :/