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  1. Never used this one cause hydroquinone has no effect on my skin well it has 2% thats why..not too effective. What made you choose this over their glycolic products?
  2. zinc for speeding up healing and chromium for inflammation 12% might be too strong so I urge you to start with a 10%
  3. I'm gonna have to agree and say the same exact thing. I'm 33 years old and I had bad breakouts in my 20's and those marks left. Most of you should not worry about that stuff.
  4. It works for many people. It heals the body from inside. I take a low dosage of 15mg
  5. http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp...BUY-PLST-0-SRCH
  6. I don't think there is which one is better they both are great! I love AHA and for cosmetic reasons its very potent for the skin, exfoliating and renewing the skin. Aloe Vera works great in calming the skin, soothing and healing. A different use but effective too. I use both.
  7. I don't do manual exfoliation. I cannot see myself apply a soft brush on my face...I tried that years ago...my face lost it's natural oils. I use alpha hydrox souffe which consists of 12% glycolic acid. Over the counter you will find mostly 8-10% but Alpha hydrox took it a step further making the product much more advanced. I love it. It makes my skin clear and fresh and new. I recommend using it only at nights before you go to bed. Then in the mornings just use Aloe Vera 100% on the spots to
  8. From what I can understand AHA's do not work on a few people. I know a few that have said (very minimal bad reviews) that the souffle causes them to breakout. I never breakout from AHA's I wouldn't put worry in that dolly87
  9. Aloe does not fully moisturize for many people...not for me either. Yes. Aloe is not a sunscreen. Very effective in soothing burned skin. Good for hair gel. Good for blemishes according to many here. Give it two weeks. Have no idea. Have no idea I think after.
  10. Nice The price is very good for that large bottle. The souffle is a tiny jar for $15 but then again I can't complain cause the stuff is priceless lol Let me know how it goes? If you find it better works for you than the souffle then I will make a purchase too lol Even though I feel very tempted to buy it. Hope you get it quick in the mail so you can post me a few results.
  11. Hey why you want to open up your pores...what's inside? Gold?
  12. Approximately 6 weeks and avoid the sun if you not using SPF