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  1. hi,,ive not had a white head spot in months... ive just finished my 5 month accutane course but now and then i have red spots/marks that just appear out of know where... they usually heal after 4 or 5 days,,they never developed into white heads... anyone else get these and if so did they go once u finshed accutane??
  2. i worry about that also,,im in my last few weeks of accutane and im still getting the odd spot here and there.... but to be honest i haven't found accutane hard to be on or had bad side affects so if i ever had to do a second course id have no problem doing it,, my acne is certainly alot better than it was.....im probably 80-90% better...
  3. hi,i think that doesn't sound so bad, i have loads of friends and family who have never suffered from acne but even they get the odd pimple now and then...i only have 2 weeks left to go using accutane and ive had 3 or 4 small spots in the last week or so but compared to what i used to get,thats good.. if your acne does come back then a second course maybe..
  4. i think i sort of noticed an improvement well into my third month,, apart from these 3 spots things have been great.. i have another 3 weeks to go,,i was tempted to order another months supply off the web. but im gunna see how things go as my derm has given me a 4 month open appointment so i dont have to go through doctor etc to get refered back to him.. also sometimes people get clear after they have finished there course.. apparantly it can take a full month to get out of your system.. g
  5. good luck with the rest of your course im from uk also and on a 4 month course for mild(persistant acne),, i only have 3 weeks to go.. i found first few month pretty tough as was breaking out etc.. the last 3 0r 4 weeks have been great..i have got about 3 small spots at moment but im blaming that on too much corona and chocolate when i went away to london for weekend.. i am abit worried though as most people on here are from america and they all seem to be doing 6 month courses...here in uk t
  6. i have about 3 week left of my roaccutane course,for the last 3 or 4 week my skin has been great, one maybe 2 tiny spots in all that time.. anyway yesterday i broke out in 3 spots,gutted. i was hoping id reach a point where i wouldn't get anymore spots anymore but that doesn't seem like the case, im quite worried now about finishing my accutane course... i think ive built myself up to have completely clear skin... did anyone esle break out in final few week???
  7. hi,ive suffered mild/moderate acne since the age of 14 and im now 23,, i have been on accutane for just over 3 months at doses of 40mg for first month,then 60mg for 1 month ,then 80mg for 2 months... my derm wants me on 4 month course,,do u think this will be enough???? ive been clear now for quite afew weeks,,will this be enought or do u think i will need longer?? i dont want the acne coming back..
  8. got a beautyskin lamp for sale if anybody wants to try it... ive been on accutane for 3 months now and was told not to use it by derm while on accutane... the lamp help my acne quite abit when i used it,its about 6 month old,its as good as new.. any info send me an email [email protected]
  9. hi all, im danny,23 year old from leeds,england.. ive suffered mild/moderate acne since i was 14,never been servere but its very persistant acne.. im now on nearly month 3 of roaccutane and seems to be going very well,currently on 60mg a day.. i work as a printer for an american firm in leeds.. really hoping accutane sorts me out for life or at least a long time..
  10. i sometimes have red/ blood shot eyes now and again and its also been commented on by my girl...this seems to come and go with me and im not too worried about it.. i have noticed reduced night vision though,which is a side affect of accutane..
  11. im about 2 month and 1 week into accutane,my acne has reduced alot,ive had about 6 spots in last 2 weeks, but even though the spots are small,once busted there red as hell and last weeks... anybody got any good idea's to reduce redness and help the healing process???
  12. how are things going now your off tane??? im on about week 10 at moment,going ok,few breakouts now and then...
  13. my face throbbed for first few days and also if i use soap..try a very mild face wash,,im using aveeno ultra calming
  14. a good multi vitamin would be good,,,fish oils also
  15. im using the aveeno ultra calming foaming wash also,seems to be pretty good while on tane,my face is alot less red now compared to when i was using purpose wash..