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  1. Morris - About the vaseline running down your neck - I always get a hand/dish towel and put it around my neck like a bib, securing it in the back with a rubber band. You may have already thought of this or something similar, but I thought I'd mention it just in case... makes the ordeal a little less messy. Are you going to wear the mask while you drive? Good luck healing and have a safe trip home. Tuesday was the 12-week mark for my second derm. with Dr. Y. I'm still pink, but I think I'm
  2. ^That could be the case, although I was under the impression that olive skin tones were just more likely to hyperpigment - that ethnicity didn't really affect the ability to improve. When your face is still red/pink from dermabrasion it can be difficult to accurately see the degree of improvement b/c your face doesn't necessarily fade uniformly - mine doesn't - so the blotchy/darker spots can appear more recessed. It is probably a good idea to not judge your total improvement for six months or
  3. Lilpancake, Moonsoon is Asian and he had dermabrasion w/ Dr. Yarborough. He posted his pics in the "Having Dermabrasion w/ Dr. Y!" thread - p. 4. And you're not too old for dermabrasion. Good luck, Waite
  4. Emma: I took it to mean width. I have some very small icepicks on my cheeks that don't really bother me but I hadn't heard about punch floats and Dr. Y had never mentioned them so I was curious and asked. The scar must be at least 1 mm b/c that's the smallest punch tool he uses. He said I would just have to depend on the dermabrasion to smooth them out. It's still too early for me to tell if there has been any impact on their appearance.
  5. Anime: 2 nights, 122.40 (United States Dollar) NOT including taxes of: 13.00% and a tax of: 1.00 PER ROOM PER DAY Occupancy Tax. It came to $152.32. I booked it through their website (choicehotels.com) and got a 10% off internet rate. This was at the end of July '03 and they were basically the only place I found that didn't charge for parking. *It's #9 on Love's post
  6. Concerning pigmentation problems, Cassandra said dermabrasion works best on the very fair and the very dark - the olive skin tones are the ones more likely to hyperpigment. But she also said that is treatable. If you're considering punch floats, the scar must be at least 1 mm. And about the hotel rooms: maybe you don't get the discounted price when you're just there for the consultation (staying one day) b/c technically you are not yet a patient of Dr. Y's? But if you're staying just one day
  7. I had dermabrasion w/ Dr. Yarborough last week and happened to ask his nurse if it could only be done on the face. She said it was possible to do it on the back, but that it doesn't respond as nicely as the face. I got the impression that doing it on the back would be discouraged...
  8. Falnhart - The four diamond friase dermabrasions were full face. I wanted to think that they helped, but obviously they didn't because I sought out further treatment. The down-time was basically the same as wire brush, but w/o the results. I had it done anytime I wasn't in school, every summer and Christmas/spring break for a couple of years. I travel primarily just for the consults/procedures. But I always have at least one family member with me, so it's sort of a mini vacation. And I go
  9. Hey guys, I don't post very often, but I've been staying up with everyone's progress - congrats to everyone who's been to see Dr. Y! He's a doll, isn't he? Anyway, on Monday I'm heading to New Orleans for my second dermabrasion. I had the first one this time last year (on Dr. Y's b-day). Previously I posted about my dermabrasion experience, prior procedures, etc. - but who knows if that's still around - probably not. So here goes: I've had microdermabrasion, 4 diamond fr
  10. Try not taking the Lord's name in vain. Thanks.
  11. Gorton's Grilled Salmon Fillets are really good. They have regular and lemon butter versions. They're wild Alaskan and easy to fix. 15-20 minutes in the oven. If you cook them in the microwave, it stinks, but in the oven it smells like steak. Anyway, they're in the frozen section (yellow box) and a lot easier than buying and preparing fresh or pulling the skin off the canned version. Just thought I'd share my discovery...
  12. Hey guys, I'm studying for a test right now so I can't say too much, but in the next few days I can elaborate on my experiences with dermabrasion, laser, results, risks, etc. Waite
  13. I was on bactrim for 2 or 3 yrs. My derm took me off a couple of months ago b/c another one of his patients started taking it and had to be hospitalized. Which was stupid, cause I'm not allergic to it - not like i'm going to suddenly become deathly ill. But he was all upset and insistent so I said, fine. Now I'm on mino. It's okay. But I loved bactrim - it was the only thing that helped after taking every antibiotic you can think of. Don't worry about taking it - if you're going to react
  14. Hey Leopolda, I've pm'd you - let me know if you didn't get it or if you have more questions. Waite
  15. I just went to my derm to get a cortisone injection. He told me to use warm compresses three times a day for about ten minutes, not to pick or press or try to pop anything (this would hurt like a mother and probably scar), and to lay off the Tazorac. Be aware that if your doc doesn't know what he/she's doing, the skin can atrophy. I don't know that you'd want to inject every cyst - but i'm not a dr. I think the compresses helped (don't make them so hot that you burn your skin), and if nothin