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  1. Hi all, 1 month, 6 days post Accutane and still completely clear! The Tretinoin cream is really helping with the scarring. I noticed my complexion is starting to look overall brighter and have less noticeable scarring. Someone told me a few days ago that my skin looked so clear, I almost cried, hahaha. Happy Holidays!
  2. Absorica worked amazing for me (check out my log). Can't wait to see your results!
  3. Hi all, A quick update! I went to the dermatologist for my latest appointment and she told I was done Accutane. I thought I had a little time left...but guess not! So high 5! I made it. To transition going off it she put me on Tretinoin Cream (0.025%). I just put on a small dot at bed time. So far I've been off Accutane for 2 weeks now. I have to admit it's pretty scary as everyday I fear the acne might come back. The first few days off it, I had 2 small dots and started to worry a
  4. Hi all, *waves*! Today's update is Day 153, can't believe it's been this long already! When I cut my Accutane dosage from 2 to 1 pills a day from my last post, I got a few small zits and started to worry. But after less than a week, they were all gone and my skin was clear again! I think my body was reacting to the dosage. It's an amazing feeling and I wish I could throw glitter up in the air for a celebration! I went on vacation last week and what a fantastic feeling it was not to p
  5. Hi all, Here's a update! I went and got my blood taken 2 days ago to start my 5th month. I told my dermatologist about my lower back pain and she said that was a pretty common side effect. She asked if it hurt often, and I said I did. Like I mentioned I live in a city so it's common to walk miles every single day to get around, so that doesn't exactly help the situation. We decided to lower my dosage from 30 MG twice a day to 30 MG once a day. She said it's not about how long you take Accuta
  6. Good luck, I hope you have great success with this! Keep me posted on your results! Well guys - it's been crazy but I haven't had one new zit in a entire month. Nothing. I've never felt or saw anything like this since I was too young to even care. It really is a fantastic feeling and I am beyond happy so far with the progress. I am very happy with my choice on going on Accutane. Tomorrow I go in for my blood work (least favorite activity) to start my 5th month (!). I can't believe i
  7. Hi all, Wanted to post a quick update! Thanks for your positive vibes! In a few days I'll be starting Month 4 - can't believe how time has flown by! I just got the blood work done a few days ago and dropped my prescription off yesterday! Of course they had to order it.. Absorica is never in stock. Few side effects to note: Lips still chapped, more so are cracking on the sides. Hard to get them to heel but I've been using Dr. Dan's Cortibalm multiple times through the day which help
  8. Good luck girl! I'm 3 months in and couldn't be happier with the progress! This is a supportive community so we're here to help each other!
  9. Hi guys, Wanted to post a short update. Today is 77 and it's the most weird, greatest feeling.... I have no active spots! The last few weeks I've had a couple here or there but right now I have none! I still have a few months left on this journey, but right now I'm feeling extremely happy that I decided to make a change and take Accutane. The weirdest thing is waking up in the morning or getting out of the shower at night and not be completely disappointed by what you see. I've already n
  10. I didn't change my diet at all and I love pizza. Accutane is working great for me.
  11. Thank you! I was on it for a few months and I did continue to break out during this time. It did help some of my jawline bumps slightly but it was nothing severe in getting rid of them completely or close to. The side effects were very hash on me to the point of I had to stop. My monthly cycle lasted all month so I was bleeding lightly (and sometimes heavier) all month long. Also the cramps it caused were brutal to the point that I had to lay in bed for hours at a time while crying and bein
  12. Thanks for posting this! I'm on Month 3 right now but what happens when I go off it is always concerning, especially a few months or more down the road.
  13. Thank you guys! @july22104 I can totally relate to what you're going through! Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!
  14. Starting my 3rd month, today is Day 61. Getting my pills was no problem this month (unlike last month). Target didn't have them in stock so I had to wait a day but I'll live with that. I'm still taking Absorica 30MG twice a day (morning and night). My receipt said that without insurance these pills would have been over $1900. With insurance and coupon card they were $10 again. How's it going? Overall pretty good. I had a few new spots on my higher cheek and my chin but as I write thi
  15. Another bonus: When traveling I usually packed a whole bag full of acne products from lotions to spot treatments to gels. I just had to travel and I had 3 little bottles (cleanser, moisturizer, cream). That's it! Wild.... Starting Month 3 in a few days. I'll be back with updated pictures.