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  1. way to much cut it don to two or 3 times a day that will most likly brea your face out and really dry it out.
  2. Forhead..actually that was the only one I am not sure of. I'll ask her when I come in to to work tomorrow, and then I'll let you know. Yea i get this to i get all my break outs on my chin only spot other spts are just odd pimples.
  3. thats what im thinking to but its not over drying so im going to get in every day.
  4. Glad to see that taz is working for you gl with it im also useing it the funny thing is i never got a bad break out from day 1 i know it was going to work bad thing is my acne is not all gone but its like very close the reasen i think i didnt get a break out is because the first time i used it i got break out but at that time i didnt know getting a break out was good so i stoped worst thing i ever did i tryed bp for a bit didnt really do any thing so i said im going to put taz on every night it
  5. Heres my ? does pool water help now i go swimming every day and i think it helps but i wanna see what other people think.
  6. I have that to but my forhead is not really breaking out my chin is not breaking out but it has a few im bout to start useing something called pantine it worked great when i usewd it befor so hopefully it works again.
  7. yea you got acne but you have to stop and remmber people got it worse im sure you gotton pist but not as pissed as me do you check your face every 5 min point is dont give up because you will regret it.
  8. i drink any where from 4 to 8 glasses a day no seeing to many results but im going to start drinking lemon water in the am now i drink it with dinner with v8 this may also help because it has alot of vit A in it.
  9. yea i hope mine comes in good so i dont have to get it removed.
  10. Even if its in food your are eating, or supplements for that matter, it will not be as much as you think, much of it (the vit a) is lost during the digestion of food, so however much vit a food rich you eat is not going to make a whole bunch of difference in relation to how much actual vit a you get. Something along those lines anyway. I remember asking my derm before going on Accutane why I couldnt just eat lots of vit a rich food or take supplements and he told me that you would never get enou
  11. How much is to much vitamin A i get like 100% of it every day is that much ive been gertting around that much every day and nothings happen but i just want to know if that wiuld be to much and this is in foods im eating.
  12. well i didnt for me because thats all i did for one year befor i started using retin a now im useing tazaric and my face looks great.
  13. i drink any where from 4 to 8 glasses a day i love water that apple juice is all i drink i havent frank soda in like 3 years.
  14. I say no what are you useing right now your skin dont look to bad but if you think you need tane take it but there has been a few cases on here where tane made people worse.
  15. For me it has but its the only thing that has stoped it from breaking out i used to break out every 3 weeks it dont happen no more point is if it ant breaking you out keep useing it.
  16. so have i stay away from that crap i have seen people how had mild acne turned turn to cyst alot worse.
  17. with tazric you have to give it the full 12 weeks i have been on it for about 5 months and i still have some acne but im 16 years my acne got as worse as very mild i wish i would of used taz as soon as i got acne it has been the best thing i have used for acne point is give it time.
  18. just eat it im sure a few wont hurt its your birth day i cant go with out eating some thing ice cream cake pie just have fun.
  19. sounds like bad advice. I think its hard to find a good derm thats an expert on acne. My current one is a MORON. I have been on Taz for about 3 months with great results. Now instead of the acne, now im obsessed with my HUGE oil problem. rather have that than acne.
  20. i know the sun helps my face.
  21. well that is not the case for every one i havent broke out why on it and my face is clearing up slow but since your getting it it means you going to clear up most likely.
  22. im going to tell you right now bad idea you will dry out so much i would stick to doing once a day.
  23. thats a side affect tazaric has been great for me ive been on it for like 5 months i still have some acne but its not breaking out like it used to your skin gotton get used to it as well my acne hopefully well be gone soon does she take any thing else like pills or been to the derm ?
  24. Morning: wash with transparent facial bar [i wear makeup.. almay "skin stays clean" foundation and physicians formula talc free mineral makeup] afternoon: [when i get home from school] wash face with transparent facial bar night: transparent facial bar mud mask every two days apply duac all over before bed sometimes this varies.. sometimes i wash my face more than i should.. its a bad habit, and im working on it.. but is 3 times too much? I know i need to wash it when i get home t
  25. Ok thanks for your help,i dont understand all these creams! there are acne cus i got onew every once in a while and i use tazaric and they go away so i would think if bp is working for you it would work.