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  1. I posted a little while ago about the red, raised bump on my nose left by a large cyst about a year ago. I've just become really, really self-conscious about it and have basically decided, enough is enough. It's affecting my confidence because I swear I look like Rudolph all the time. My dermatologist put me on doxycycline and we decided that if it wasn't better by the end of the summer, he'd do the injection. However, I want this thing gone now. I'm considering going in for the injection.
  2. Dude I completely, totally hear you. My face has gone to hell in the last week, I think it might be linked to my diet change from college to home or going off Solodyn. God, I can't even see my friends anymore. I haven't seen anyone except my boss at work and my family. Thankfully I work in a lab with only one other person. After work I just keep my head down and take the fastest route down to my car. I'm supposed to drive down to see my girlfriend soon but I may have to postpone it if my s
  3. Thanks so much for the response! It popped today and I was practically dancing until I squeezed all the stuff out.. and the old pimple was STILL THERE UNDERNEATH!!! Bigger too! And, wtf, my left cheek (which was almost completely healed) is breaking out with 5 pimples today. I can feel them starting to itch underneath the skin. This is horrible.. I have no idea what's happening to me. I think it might have something to do with my diet change from school to home. At school my acne had al
  4. Yeah so I got this pimple on my nose about 9 months ago and it never popped. It just sort of died down to a little red bump. I knew it was still infected though because every so often I'd get another pimple on my nose and my entire nose would just turn red and the bump would get inflammed. Not a pretty sight. Anyways the "spawned" pimples would pop and the mother pimple would go back to its original little red spot. Well last week the mother pimple went berserk and grew HUGE. Like maybe 1/
  5. Actually, it goes away immediately when I bump up my tetracycline dosage. I was on 500mg but I just went to 750 a day this week and it's already gotten much better. I just want to get rid of it for good without depending on antibiotics.
  6. Damn, I had a really bad cyst once on my nose and I've had this raised reddish bump in the middle of my nose ever since. It's been there for maybe 6 months. Any way I can get rid of it other than serious stuff like surgery?
  7. I've got a question--I was first prescribed tetracycline by my dermatologist about 8-9 months ago. I did a first course of 2 250mg tablets a day for 30 days. This helped my acne hugely, but at the end of the course, it was still there. I talked to the dermatologist, and he said to just take another course for 60 days, 1 tablet a day. Once again, skin was much clearer, but not completely cleared up! Whenever I got off tetracycline for any period of time, the acne would return. I ended up ta