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  1. hey guys i read that using glutamine for weight training causes you to produce more growth hormones? i dont know much but wen i hear anything that has to do wif hormones, i always link it to acne. so was wondering does it cuase for acne? i been weight training for 2 yrs now and been on protein and creatine and so far hav had no problems.
  2. i use it twice a day like dan said and i use alot... like the amount he said in the video
  3. Hey guys i started using the BP since about Dec 2005 and from day 1 it was pretty much awesome. I mean i didnt have the initial break out or anything. It just cleared up my skin in about 1 month. And has helped my stayed cleared since. I do get a few small ones now and then but nothing major. But over the pass 2 weeks the acne is coming back. I problem area is chin, cheeks and nose and that is the only area where i use the BP. My chin started breaking out about 2 weeks ago followed by my cheeks
  4. Hey guys i just started the regime but the only problem is i can only use it at night. The moisturizer i am using atm is neutrogener oil free.. i cant use the regime during the day becuase the moiturer doesnt absorb into my skin well.. it kind sits on top and makes my face a little shiny.. i was wondering if any of you know of a good moistuizer that doesnt causes break out and absorbs througth the skin good so it doesnt make you shiny thx in advance guys p.s. plz excuse my spelling ^^
  5. yea i get the same problem too... so annoying.. when i first started pubity i had mass amounts of pimples on my forehead.. i mean heaps... but after about 1 year my forehead cleared up 100% and i have not had a pimple there ever since.. no joke... now i have to deal wif the cycles.. my bad areas are nose, and the area beneath my eyes ... oh btw i am a guy.. just using gf's username.. too lazy to sign up
  6. hey guys regarding the Neutrogena On-the-Spot On-the-Spot Acne Treatment, is it used on pimples or do u use it all over ur face like dan's bp gel? thx in advance
  7. hey all.. heres my situation.. i normally have average skin.. not 100% smooth or clear but its decent.. but at least once or twice a month i would get like 2-3 big pimples on my nose.. the type that u cant sqeeze.. just the huge red lump... (it looks much worse then having small pimples all over the face).. yes always on my nose!!!.. was wondering if anyone has any suggestions?