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  1. Mark me down as another desperate NY'er who had no choice but to see Rappaport but, everything you have read about him is true.. The guy is an arrogant asshole who's only conern is making money and I dont mean making money as a basis for living, but hustling the hell out of desperate people in order to buy a new watch ( he had a different one on all 3 times I saw him) or a new car, currently a new 2007. Furthermore, I dont think is so great or skilled but, his niche is that he is a one stop sh
  2. I went to loganwood and I can vouch that his TCA peel was authentic and burned like a son of a bitch!
  3. If the kenalog injections are not ridding you completely of the filler, you will have to have then removed via surgery. It isnt a huge deal, a micro incision is made and then the filler is removed. Sometimes the filler will be like a small BB or pea and just pop out, other times it has migrated and will have to be removed with a Q-tip or flushed out with water or saline. The incision will be closed with a single stitch and should leave no visible scarring if done correctly. If you continue wit
  4. ZAINU: I dont agree with your opinion but, you are certainly entitled to it. If you love the way your hairdresser cuts your hair, is it worth $1000 every time she cuts it? Based on your comments, who cares what it costs if it makes you look and feel better. To a certain degree you are correct, but when a price is so far out of line with what it "should" cost or what others charge then to me, it is absurd and over the top. Dr R is over the top and I can afford it, I choose to find someone else
  5. I am a wealthy guy by most standards and I can tell you, as a patient of Dr Rappaport, that he is so overpriced that it sicekns me to even call him. THATS RIGHT! I would prefer to have my modest scars than be forced to pay his absurd prices. $600 for subscision? $1200 for spot TCA This guy is a hoot. He does NOT do excisions he is against them. His work is good and his results are good. He is not magic man and I have never been wowed by anything or any one of his patients I have seen. Unfort
  6. Tried posting a photo but, cant get the feature to work. Used the browse and add attachment with a photos smaller than 500k and still cant get it working. Any suggestions?
  7. Funny thing is that I thought I needed punch float on this one spot or punch excision but, when I suggested it to him he looked at me like "are you crazy?' I am going to post a photo of this spot and you all tell me what you think. It was actually caused by a laser about 14 months ago to try and "kill" a very bad cystic pimple beneath the skin and now it is a depression.
  8. Been to Dr Rappaport but, I gotta tell you that every time I hear the price I get angry. $850 for subcision regardless of how many sites he needs to touch. For someone like me with one or two spots I think it is absurd. I almost want him to hit areas that remotely could use help just to justify the price but, I really just want a Dr in the NY/NJ area that could charge per spot or who is just more reasonable. Any reccomendations or help would be appreciated. Very depressed right now over all
  9. 20% is not strong enough to do much of anything really. It certainly isnt strong enough for cross so, I wouldnt waste your time even trying it for that purpose. It can be useful as a full face peel to reduce uneven skin tone, red marks and an overall better appearance. It will not reduce or minimize your pores or scarring. Try it as a full face peel and see for yourself if you want something stronger or not.
  10. This is just silly. Danny Devito is short, bald and fat and believe me, he can have any model and young honey he wants because he is wealthy, famous and powerful in hollywood. I can assure all of you, if seal was not talented, famous and rich, Heidi Klum wouldnt let him clean her pool. And if he DID clean her pool looking exactly like he does, she wouldnt even look twice at him or consider him for marriage. So go pick some other average joe with scars and show me which model or celebrity he
  11. I will add my 2 cents FOR silicone injections but, I reserve teh right to change my opinion. I had several injections done about 3 weeks ago. I did them in combination with a TCA peel of 25%. I had several minor depressions on my cheek, one in my chin from a hockey accident and 2 others in the neck area. The only 2 that concerned me after injections were the ones on my neck. ALL of theothers looked great and continue to look good now, 3 weeks later. The 2 neck injection did get slightly sw
  12. Since you insist on bumping this thread, I guess you need more replies. I have done TCA cross on 3 seperate occasions. I have tried every lotion, potion, copper peptide concoction you can imagine with no results. TCA cross worked for me. It didnt take that long to see the results either, perhaps 60 days or so on each scar treated. The enlarged pores I have initially got bigger and scared the shit out of me. After reading that was normal and after doing it a few time, the inital fear subsided.
  13. I did a search for the last 3 hours and I cannot find a link to the woman who did a TCA peel on herself. It was well documented and her face was peeling and shiny from ointment. She had dozens of photos, about 40 years old and did it on herself. Anyone know who that poster is or a link to her thread? Thanks