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  1. hmm, that's a pretty dramatic side effect. Did the hair come back when you stopped? I've read stuff about needing to supplement w/biotin and/or a b-complex to prevent some side effects like this. I didn't experience anything like it, though.
  2. Yeah, I wish someone would study the mechanism on this since it doesn't seem to be just a deficiency (since it loses effectiveness), but seems to work for a lot of people, at least at first.
  3. The anecdotal evidence for an effect on acne seems pretty strong, though. Of course, since there aren't any new B5/acne studies coming out, AFAIK, we aren't going to get better than anecdotal evidence, which is why message boares are nice. I would like to hear more if there are any other high dosage long-term B5 studies, but it's not safe to assume that water soluable = no unhealthy dose. I'm no expert, but I remember reading about people taking megadoses of Vit C getting gallstones from it,
  4. Woah there, pardner, nobody knows what long-term side effects there might be with >2g/day of B5, 'cause there ain't been no studies. I think I, too, started getting a 'tolerance' to B5 'cause it stopped being effective for me even if I bumped the dosage up a bit. I would say give it a break and try other methods. Maybe something else will work, and if not, maybe you can go back on B5 after a month or two and it will work again. This is all guesswork. From all of us. Since there's only o
  5. Almost 8 weeks on a modified acne cure. For the first few weeks it made me break out way worse and my skin struggled to adapt to the BP. The GA was just too drying and I gave it up, so I use BP and SA now. Currently my skin is pretty good, but not perfect and I'm not sure the acne cure will get me there.
  6. What dosage/weight were you? I'm curious about people's experiences on high & low dosages.
  7. I tried to view the homepage but it said it didn't exist...
  8. If you do get accutane let us know how it goes...
  9. Welp, I understand that B5 theory, but it doesn't explain why it stopped working for me when I was continuing to take the same dosage...
  10. I think you should try it for a month or two and see if it works for you. Try 5g/day, however that works out with your spoonfuls.
  11. This stuff seems to work better than regular non-oil moisturizers if you can stand leaving it on your face for hours. It does make you look oily for a while.
  12. Wow, 12 people, really? That's kinda depressing 'cause it worked so well for me.
  13. Been on it almost 3 weeks, breakouts got worse and skin is very dry. Icing the BP seems like a good thing, though.