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  1. Four stars since it stinks

    So I just started using this, it hasn't even been a week and I could already tell the difference. My acne is throughout my jawline and by the side of sideburns and a few on my forehead I recently got. Anyways this pretty much helped my inflammation of my acne go down and Took some spots, scars, and acne away. I mixed it with water first, 2 oz of vinegar and 2 oz of water, I have plenty left still. I only use two Cotten balls to cover my whole face. Also I use it at night, the only sh*tty part is it stinks. And I also use moisturizer after it fully dries. I'm also using an organic aloe vera gel in the morning after I wash my face. This has also helped with the redness and it helps with your skin glow and some acne. I still use it since it was 20 bucks. 🙄 But I also use Carley's clear and smooth tea tree face wash and their shea butter soap as an everyday use. I still use it since it did help with my acne in the beginning but for whatever reason my acne somehow got triggered by something and it got worse. Like I said it did help, I was clearing up but then I got acne for whatever reason again. Carley's midnight moisturizer tho is really good, the aloe vera gel does make my face really dry and flakey but once i put on the midnight moisturizer it goes completely away and it doesn't make my skin oily. ( best moisturizer i have ever used) So that's a plus. I use the moisturizer day and night, there is a day moisturizer at Carley's but I didn't like it as much. i also take L-Lysine in pills, it helps with hormonal acne, which is the acne thats on your jawline. it has helped me, since I started using it my jawline has become clearer also with the help of acv. If interested I use l- lysine by Thorne. 10$ on amazon. Give y'all and update in a month.
  2. miles213



    Nov-18-2016 So I have been using this for a week now. It has so far worked for me. My acne is healing a lot faster. I bought the treatment and the day moisturizer. The moisturizer is hands down the best one I have ever used. Doesn't get you too oily or gets you dry. So when I first used Carley's my face did feel tight for a couple of days but I read reviews that it was normal. It did get better tho so I wouldn't worry about it. Use this product word for word how it tells you. No joke son. Anyways prior to this I was using the regimen. Worked well but it never got rid of my acne. So I decided to give this a shot. Also the spot treatment they have works pretty good. I've been using that at night than the midnight moisturizer. When you order from Carley's they give you small samples of what they have 😎 Plus they're willing to do refunds no matter what so you got nothing to lose if it doesn't work out for you. Their soap is also pretty good it does dry me out but the day moisturizer comes through so 😁 No flakiness. *Update* 12-20-16 So it's been a month since I started using Carley's. Sh*t has worked pretty well for me. I ifhly recommend it. Their tea tree spot treatment is pretty f**kin good, better than their tamanu cream. Their day and midnight moisturizer do the job as well. My skin isn't oily or flaky anymore. I still have a couple of white heads and a just a few pimples hardly noticeable before I'm practically clean😎😏 anyways hope this helps. I would also use their tea tree cleanser just becuz the tea tree spot treatment is so damn good. I haven't used it myself but I do have a sample of it will be using that in a couple of weeks. Also When I had a huge breakout on my chin and throughout my jawline I was eating eggs everyday didn't think that was the problem until I stopped. I looked it up if eggs would cause you to break out but apparently it said it wouldn't but it'll make your acne worse 🤔 So hopefully y'all who eat eggs and still got acne this helps.