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  1. start using Head & Shoulders classic clean as body wash!
  2. shiatt bacteria!?!? I been using a loofah with my head and shoulders shampoo for a few years n still have light body acne... i been using the plastic loofah forever though so i dont know if i can attribute the reduced acne to the loofah or the H & S but i do know the body takes hard exfoliation much better than the face... I just started using Dermalogica face brush every day or so on my face how can i make sure that it doesnt get built up with bacteria?
  3. OMG i think i just b'd a n i like the five series police in your avatar, but it can't compete with this: http://image.internetautoguide.com/f/auto-...ar-gallardo.jpg
  4. i walk into the college doors with my head down and hands in pocket cause i dont want to be there! I hateeee school
  5. idk i dont really see a difference with dairy products my personal thought is no food makes you break out any worse then you already are.... i wish i could find that one magical food to deprive myself of to clear acne. Then again I am from Wisconsin and can't live without my milk and cheese
  6. Hey ya'll quite the heated debate we got goin on here... thanks for all the responses though constructive arguing is fine! I break out whether or not I drink, so I figure hey why not indulge... sure you can have fun having just a few beers which i do when im driving, but I love to get drunk been getting plastered for 7 years hasnt let up since high school... im by no means an alcoholic but I have a lot of fun when me and my friends are getting trashed its the Wisconsin way of life! Anyways tha
  7. Ughh i wish i would subconsciously pass out walk to the bathroom and wash my face
  8. haha its my pleasure... it is what it is though lol i need to buy some wash wipes or maybe just baby wipes or something!
  9. Do you ever come home from the bar or a party and your just too plastered to wash your face and go through the whole regimen? Well it happens to me a lot and this is why I tend to break out a lot on the weekends. Anyways im going to Vegas in a few weeks and need to find a good face wipe or something to do a quick sweep when i am a drunken useless zombie mess Thanks
  10. I can see how a detox could help cleanse your bowels some maybe help temporarily with acne... other than that i took time released B5 in the past with little results as well as the pills with NaturesCure and they have on drugstore.com the AcnePill and some other companies. Everything i took did not do much either. I am weary of those products because most of them have ingredients in small doses that are acne causing. The companies claim the small doses will trigger your immune system to fight of
  11. Mild to light, not even noticable... i see about 50% of the college population by me have much worse than that!
  12. H&S worked for me for about 3 years then for some reason my backne came back.. im tryen that phisoderm SA body wash now hopefully it clears it up before vegas next month!
  13. When i was in basic training for the Army last year, I stopped the regimen and basically just washed my face in the morning with that Oxy alpine bar soap with SA in it, then at night I would use Neutrogena Razor Defense fash wash before shaving and then put 10% BP on. Worked pretty good for me cause you dont want to be wearing bp during the day if ur sweating during training you will bleach your uniforms. Since i've come home i stuck to this routine and im the clearest ive been in a long time.
  14. You dont want the 2 in 1.... just the regular shampoo no conditioner