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  1. How come no one ever mentions purple marks? I have alot of little purple marks on my face. Especially this one purple circle mark on my nose left behind by a zit about 2 years ago, and it's still there? What's goin' on? And if I use a scrub on my face or after I got my first micro treatment a few weeks back it darkened! My purple spots always seem to darken after I exfoiliate. What's goin' on? And how to I remove these marks, along with the other brown and red marks?
  2. Hey Guys! Donna you're so sweet, it's always great to hear that there's another person on this planet that feels the exact same way as another person on this planet, lol. But yeah, I had my first micro. treatment on Thurs. and it felt wonderful! It was soooo relaxing, even though afterwards when she gave me a mirror I saw no difference in my skin except for the pores I guess. I mean, I've always had small pores but my skin overall looked brighter I guess you could say in my t-zone areas. But as
  3. What's orange peel skin? How can it be treated?
  4. I recently found out that soap is bad for your skin! I'm talking strictly about bar soap. I use (used) Dove and I just found out while Dove soap is one of the better soaps it can still dry out your skin (even if you don't notice) and it leaves a gross film on your skin and can cause yucky blackheads, which I primarily have. So I was told to switch to a nice foamy cleanser.
  5. Microdermabrasion! Which I'm getting on Thursday at 10am. And oh my gosh I was sooo nervous today when I went to in to this spa place for the free consultation. I had my mom wait for me outside in the waiting room while I went way in the back with my esthetician, fighting back tears the whole walk there. It was such a tramatic experience for me. I had no makeup on, and I NEVER leave the house w/out makeup on, I had my hair trying to cover my face, my hand covering my mouth, trying my hardest not
  6. I hope your microdermabrasion treatment went well. I'm going into this spa place on Tuesday for a free consultation for micro. I have some red marks, some brown marks, and some purple marks as well all resulting in a very uneven skin tone if you ask me. I mean I get get my skin to look good but it takes three hours of makeup and that really sucks. Do you guys think micro. will help me? Apparently it's $100 a session and you can also get micro. plus a glyolic peel for only $125 dollars. Would tha
  7. Beserker, what do you recommend to do after you get microdermabrasion treatments so that you don't end off worse than you started?
  8. Have any of you ever tried dermabrasion or microdermabrasion for scars? And I'm not talking about the crap you can buy from infomercials, I mean actually going to a doctor and getting it done? I was thinking about getting it done. My scarring is basically just red and purple marks left behind from sqeezing little blackheads or whiteheads but the marks are so widespread on my face so...I dunno. If anyone has gotten one or both of these procedures done please let me know how it went. Oh, and can a
  9. Don't buy it! It's all crap! I've tried just about every as-seen-on-tv or otherwise generic by-product these companies try to sell to you for a glamorous 2 payments of only 29.95, it's all a scam! Every bit of it all, none of it works half as well as what you would get from a qualified microdermabrasion specialist. Sure it costs more but it'll also do MORE for your skin in the long run. And hey have you ever seen the people testing these at-home microdermabrasion kits on tv? There skin is always
  10. Have I tried going w/out the moisturizer? No way. My skin is oily but if I don't put on moisturizer before I put on my makeup my foundation is extremely hard to put on, I mean it won't hardly blend at all. What about this dianette I keep hearing about? I'm on tetracyclene now but it does crap for the oil problem. Is dianette or does dianette have bad side affects or something because once a person on these forumns says they used it right after that they'll say that their doctor also had to take
  11. Okay, my morning routine consists of showering, moisturizing, and then applying foundation and powder. 10 minutes later my skin is greasy and oily and for every 15-20 consecutive minutes throughout the day my skin is the same exact way. And I say every 15-20 minutes because in between those minutes I powder my face, but it's not like I can whip out my powder compact during english class! I try to sneek it sometimes but someone always notices and gives me a dirty look or thinks I'm like all snobb
  12. Thank you guys sooo much! I'm practically crying now, but in a happy oh-my-God-these people understand me way. You guys are so wonderful and great and deserve all the best in the world, we all do. It's totally not fair that we have to suffer this way while others don't, and I know it's wrong to envy others but I just can't help it sometimes ya know? How can I overcome this depression? Sometimes I feel like if I wasn't so busy feeling sorry for myself I might actually find ways to improve my sit
  13. Grrr!!!!! I'm so frustrated and angry and sad and pissed-off! I hate my face, I have little purple slash brown slash red marks slash scars I suppose all over my face! I can NEVER leave the house without makeup and, hello, it takes me 3 bleaping hours for me to DO my makeup! And even though my face looks relatively normal with makeup(unless of course you pull my hair all the way back to reveal my cheeks which then look really terrible) I'm not insane, 3 hours to put on makeup to make skin appear