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  1. I just discovered that only drinking beer or lager gives me a breakout a couple of days later, whisky (jim beam..mmmm ) seems not to effect me at all!!
  2. The first appointment I had with my dermo i was in there about 15mins and he perscribed me roaccutance straight away! Id previously tried them small yellow anti biotics but they did bugger all Iv been on accutane for a couple of months now and its workin wonders
  3. Yeah dont worry about the side effects jag, most people only suffer from the common ones such as a dry/red face and lips, but what the hell if it works! Im on 40mg a day and have been for a month and i can say its cleared my face up brilliantly!
  4. Hey! Im currently using the cuticura soap and its working a treat! I tried pears soap but it made be break out like a gud 'un so i scrapped that idea.
  5. Iv always had facial hair and find that i do not get acne where the hair is growing!!
  6. Yeah me too, i tried it for a month or so, made me break out like a biatch!!
  7. Yeah ive just started roaccutane and my face is redder than usual, it also stings like mad when i apply moisturiser!!
  8. Im on my 6th day of roaccutane and my face doesnt look dry, but when i use moisturiser it burns like hell and my face goes bright red!! Ive tried a few mositurisers but use E45 now. Does anyone know a moisturiser that doesnt have this effect?
  9. Question: Why does it have to be oil free?
  10. Yeah i spose so. Hey im on my 5th day and it already seems like my skin is starting to clear up! The first couple of days i broke out with a load of spots but they quickly cleared up My face is starting to feel a tad dry but iv been moisturising with E45 from the start which seems to be doing the trick... cant wait for clearer skin!!!!
  11. Lard, lol. E45 is a brilliant moisturiser
  12. I went to see the dermatologist today and he perscribed me roaccutane. I had a look at some of the side affects, scared me a bit!!! Anybody else been using it and what has been your experience with it?
  13. Cheers for the help people, I think its only stella that gives me breakouts (and stellavision! ) Oh well im not gonna stop drinkin for no acne!
  14. Hello there, When ever i drink beer, i always seem to get a flare up shortly after . Anyone else experience this??? Im not sure whether this is purely coincidental, or if they are linked in anyway. Obviously this isnt good, because I like drinking!
  15. Hello, My personal experience with freederm is that it is CRAP!! I used it for a couple of months and it did absolutly nowt. Im using adapalene now which seems to be working well My advice is dont bother wasting your money on it. Perscription lotions are cheaper and you get a lot more. Hope this helps