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  1. Wow thank you! That is appreciated! For some reason I thought it was only 4 weeks on average.
  2. Hello! How are you doing? How many weeks do you wait in between your TCA sessions?
  3. How do you like your results from Dr. Rullan? What did you have done? Thanks
  4. Well I've read a lot on this board over the past few years, especially about Fraxel and Restylane. I am sorry if I am about to ask any questions that have been covered. I have rolling, and some boxscars around my mouth and upper cheek. And what it's come down to is I have had 5 smoothbeams-no result 10-15 microdermabrasions, one microlaser peel done by Sciton laser--no results. So the scars are still there and one doc in Minnesota here quoted me 695 for a one syringe of Restylane and they he wou
  5. Hey there Old Guy? Are you having any problems with the re-injections of Restylane? Are the improvements just as good as the first time you got it? About how long is the restylane lasting on average? Do you think you would continue to have this done for the rest of your life? I am seriously looking into it now, but most of my scars are on the corners of my mouth and I bet they will tell me NO! Thanks for your help hope to hear from you soon! melissa
  6. bump!!!! I am able to purchase Restylane directly and self-inject, so the cost is much less for me. In a practitioner's office, the total cost for 1cc in addition to the physician fee is approximately $600 to $800. I pay a total of $380 for 1cc of Perlane and $300 for 1cc of Restylane - and of course, there is no physician fee as I inject myself. As far as wholesale costs go (what I pay) the cost range from most expensive to least expensive is as follows: Perlane-Restylane, Restylane (reg
  7. Hey there, could you please tell me where you can purchase the restylane, and the injection needles to do it your self. Thank you so much. Are you a doc or nurse or did you just read up on how to do this? thanks Melissa I am able to purchase Restylane directly and self-inject, so the cost is much less for me. In a practitioner's office, the total cost for 1cc in addition to the physician fee is approximately $600 to $800. I pay a total of $380 for 1cc of Perlane and $300 for 1cc of Res
  8. Hey there, I totally know how you feel because my scars are almost identical to yours around my mouth and a couple on my upper cheek. I was thinking about spot treatment with fraxel, but of course the damn doctor here won't consider it and wants One thousand dollars to do the whole face. He wont consider spot treatment which is so frustrating. I know a lot of people think your scars are shallow, but what matters is how WE feel about ourself, and maybe some would say we are shallow, but if you ar
  9. I have scars like you Blueyesufer. Hey what if he tried like a weaker amount of TCA, like less than 50 percent? Wouldn't it make sense that shallower scars need less concentration of TCA? Just a thought. melissa
  10. Ok sooo... could someone who had this done come forward and tell us your experience?? THanks
  11. Are you in Minnesota too? I have had 4 smoothbeams--and no results either. Yes I agree---too many lasers not enough common sense --he he and yes I agree one should start with less extreme procedures and work your way up. Next tuesday I have an appointment with a doc who thinks I should have the micro laser peel--it's with the Sciton laser--less abalative ----2-3 days of bad sunburn look, I want to try it although I have a feeling it will be 400 dollars down the toilet-- I will keep you posted
  12. Hey everyone--had a dermatologist try to sell me on this laser for my mild to moderate ice picks and rolling scars. He says this is the third-generation introduced to the public after all the years of bad press with the first and second generation lasers that did more damage to people's skin than good. He says healing is quicker, I asked for pictures of people with acne scars ---he only had ones of wrinkles and of course those looked really good. He said he knows I am skeptical and he says all o
  13. Hey there No Doubt, I read on another post that you tried a erbium micro peel, was the laser you used made by Sciton? How deep did the doc go? I was just wondering if you are talking about the same thing that I was looking at having done where you get a partial to full epidermal peel 20-50 microns and you have about 3-4 days of down time. They use a erbium yag laser. what type of scars do you have? ARe you in the photo gallery? Maybe if I could take a look at pics of your scars and then I could
  14. blahblah9 --how did the procedure go? Did you have the micro laser peel done? Could anyone else give imput on their results if they had this done or know of someone who did?? thanks