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  1. look it wasnt no horror storey coz i only have a mild skin condition its just the side effects were not worth it coz i do boxing and cant really do martial arts coz my skin doesnt heal well. its only a horror to sporting success which i was not warned about by my derm. i get worried bout injuring coz i dont heal that is the biggest problem for me now.
  2. bahaha i was randomly thinking about celebs who remebers peter andre bahaha the 1 hit wonder now that guy was gay lmao wonder if hes still dancing on the beach with his shirt off hahaha
  3. yeh i find average people better looking than the models ect. i think its the busty girls i like haha. also i have found that the really pretty ones are generally quite snobby although i guess they need to be with every guy screaming and whistling at them i liked that girl in transformers. i think she was average looking but had the hottest body everrrrrrrrrrrrr grrrr. also jenifer love hewit is the cutest dunnio bout beckem but hes definatly above average soccer player how funny is that phot
  4. haha read the game. neil strauss can help you my son lmao. i get heaps of girls hitting on me but i always think about my skin and kinda move away from them when they get close. i think i am obsessed with skin so i worry bout it and then they think im either not interested or just rude when in fact my confidence is so low oh well one day il wake upto my low confidence and forget about the blemish or two. anyway girls take a lot of time and at the moment i can focus on study sport and partying.
  5. well i been on tane twice. i guess if you dont need your body to heal properly take it. ive been off tane for 2 years now i still get acne except my red marks stay. i also get bruised, burnt easily. my skin is itchy and i also get red itchy imflamation. hmmm what else oh when i was on tane i became suicidal one night for no reason at all even though i had a great day. I think its upto you but it aint no wonder drug for some people. my skin isnt the worste in the world but all i can say is my bod
  6. well doesnt really matter cause it doesnt matter if ur male or female your still taking tane and getting pain
  7. ive been training for 5 years but when on tane i gave up a bit cause my pain was too bad and yes 5 days is too much 4 days max. you need rest for your muscles to repair properly otherwise you will overtrain. this is not the point of the discussion but ive been on tane twice and the pain is fukt up and thats why i dont wanna go on ym 3rd miserable course. basically too many problems from tane when my stupid acne comes back anyway. bread is for losers eat that tuna and salmon straight from the tin
  8. yeh il probably go on 40mg then 60 mg then 80mg to kill the bastards. then go back to 60mg then 40 mg then finish this crap. im gunna give it 1 month and see how my skin is although im getting sore big ones under my neck. i dont mind those as much as my cheeks as they dont scar as easy under my neck
  9. well i had mild at most moderate had orotane and 5 months after i recieved severe acne which i feel tane made it worse wont bother explaining my storey again. but now ive had a second course and my acne is coming back exactly the same.
  10. lol ive been lifting weights for over 4 years and playing rugby union. i also play cricket in summer, i do boxing in my backyard and also do hap kido a martial art every tuesday and wednessday. ive now been doing this for nearly since i was 17 and im now 23. i dont eat junk at all. i eat tuna steak cottage cheese salmon and many other high protien foods. i have kept basically the same diet for many years as i love my sport and play sport everday. so all im saying is i know my body better than an
  11. yes but it was severe and im due for it in 2 months like last time after my 1st course of orotane
  12. yes i have red marks to loose and a little active acne
  13. nonononon the best thing ever that will not let ur lips peel is paw paw ointment or cream.... im telling you its cheap and will be your dream come true. ive been on orotane twice and the 1st time i use vaso chapstick they didnt do anything cause ur lips still peel use paw paw ointment
  14. lol what makes up the calories haha carbs are the biggest factor if there not burnt off. also i dow eights training and my body never recovered properly while on tane snd trust me i was eating the same. whether it slows your metabolism or what i dont know but there is definate problem there. there many factors other than just food to be gaining weight. although food is a major factor. im pretty sure if tane made me more hungery wouldnt it make my metabolism faster so wouldnt get fat if that was