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  1. Hi, Does anyone here know what exactly they test for in the monthly blood tests for Accutane users? You see, my friend told me he was planning to get high (by use of a moderate and controlled amount of marijuanna) this weekend but he has the blood test on monday. I told him I did not know if this would be a good idea because it might blatantly show up in the test and he might get in trouble? I wanted to know if anyone here had any specific information on this as to whether or not this would
  2. My acne is pretty mild i'd say. I did tons of other prescription stuff for about 2 years but with little or no improvement. Would you guys say that the more mild your acne is before u start Accutane, the more permanent the effect? Or is it the opposite? or is it really impossible to tell?
  3. I see all of these posts on here about people who were on Accutane and got clear for a while but then everything started to come back. My dermatologist told me that most of the time it works permanently or for a very long period of time at which point it can be controlled/prevented with OTC stuff. I'm new here so I don't really know much about it. What generally is the case? I just started 40mg per day 4 days ago and I just wanna know if it's likely that it will help and then I'll have the s
  4. Hey people thanks, I really appreciate the replies. Does anyone else have anything more to say on this? I'm talking about getting drunk about once or twice in a month, if that. Would it do anything for me to skip my nightly dosage on the night I do decide to drink? Or should I not even bother? Please advise and thank you again! - Scott
  5. Wait a minute, Where is all of this info coming from that Accutane adversely affects your liver? I haven't seen it in the listed side effects and my Dermatologist definitely did not mention it to me. I'm an extremely occassional drinker but it just so happens that I have plans this weekend to hang out with some friends where I may want to drink. I have just started taking Accutane 3 days ago and I am on 1 40mg pill per day. I was planning on not taking my pill this friday night so that I