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  1. Iluvatar

    can some one identify what these are?

    I think the indented are active pimples. It will leave scars if you dont manage it well. And the area near your ear is quite deep scars with redmarks too.
  2. Iluvatar

    Aspirin Mask

    Is it safe for people on Tane?
  3. Iluvatar

    Zinc Oxide , Good for Redmarks!

    ASPIRIN MASK - DO IT YOURSELF - from http://www.smartskincare.com/reviews/produ...n_20010115.html Skin Care Review: Aspirin Mask (Do-It-Yourself) by Elizabeth, Liberty, MO I have tried the Aspirin mask with some success. It is actually a form of beta hydroxy acid and is very gentle. Take 3-4 non-enteric coated aspirin and dissolve in a tablespoon of warm water. Spread on the face and leave on a few minutes until it begins to dry. T hen, GENTLY rub the mask to exfoliate for 10 seconds be
  4. I have red marks all araound my body (back, chest, shoulder, and upper arm) left by my body acne. This redmarks are very stubborn and seem to be permanent. I have tried AHA 8% for 2 months and didnt notice any improvement. Can I use TCA peel (12% - 15%) on that redmarks? Will it be effective?
  5. Yeah, at least you can maintain your health with supplements that can boost your immune and healing process. Take some research on that.
  6. Then u should change ur derm! My 1st derm worse than that. I think she is the worst ever. She looked at my face then said "ckckck, its so bad...so bad... its too late.. too late..." with a very sad face. Its absolutelly make me depressed. Then she just prescribed me with the same Tetra and Salicyl + Retin cream for a year. Totally, i wasted money and time on her
  7. Iluvatar

    Bloody poop on accutane?

    As other ppl here said that this crap make skin more fragile and slow the recovery process. So, be carefull: 1. do not wipe ur face with washcloth, 2. do not get into fight, 3. do not shave without shaving cream.
  8. dry and then "shrink"?
  9. Well, Darwinism said that there is a chance that a random mutation can bring a good thing. So there's a chance that your child will be a Super Human.. Haha.. J/K
  10. Well.. Tane doesnt effect on sperm. Its teratogenicity side effect means that this drug can harm in fetus development during pregnancy. So for guys using Tane, its no harm if u want ur gf/wife's pregnant. Of coz, ur gf/wife musnt in tane.
  11. Iluvatar

    itchy skin on accutane

    Yes, I experienced that. But thats only in the 1st to 2nd week of my course. I believe that itchy sensation coming from the cysts that getting dried. Coz in the 3rd week where almost all of my cyst have been dried, all itchy sensation gone too. So, do you still have any cyst? The improtant thing is you have to stay your hand away from your face. Try not too focus to your acne/face. Doing some possitive activities/hobbies might help you face this hard day.
  12. Buy the brand one!, if you want to throw away your money to the roche family to help them paying their high-cost life style. Ups.. sorry... Brand and generic are just the same.
  13. Hi guys, I found this supplement in local drug store NUTRIMAX VIENA Ingridients: Lophilized Marine Lipid Protein, Collagen, Grape Seed extract, Beta Carotene, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc, Selenium, EPO, Horsetail Herb, Alfalfa and, Aloe Vera. Indications: - Improve skin cell regeneration - As a strong anti-oxidant - Moisturize the skin and prevents skin from dehydration. - Improve blood circulation ..... It seems very promising to use while on Tane. How's your opinion, guys?
  14. Iluvatar

    calling all asians

    I found this in book Clinical Dermatology by Thomas P., MD: "In Western cultures, acne effects up to 95% of adolescents and persists into middle age in 12% of women and 3% of men. Two non-Westernized populations: the Kitavan Islanders of Papua New Guinea and the Ache hunter-gatherers of Paraguay DO NOT HAVE ACNE." Unfortunatelly, it doesnt say any about asian or asian culture. But, from this study, we can conclude that there is a relationship between acne, culture, and 'maybe' including race
  15. Iluvatar

    calling all asians

    Hi there, Asian here too.. Well, I think so that acne is very rare among asian. I'm living in asian country and when i was in high school, there were 50 students in my class, and I was the only one who have this s**t. My family (parents and brothers) are clear, except my sister and me (I'm male). Now, i'm in Tane. Just finished 1 month from my 6 months course. And I see very2x big improvment. Hope it will always work till the end of the course