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  1. Please comeback to boards, I have a question for you!

    1. accutaner

      120Mg of ACCUTANE A DAY!

      DAY 114 of Accutane I AM ON MY LAST MONTH OF ACCUTANE!!! STILL BREAKING OUT A LOT! I realy wanted to stay on Accutane for longer than 5 months. My skin has not yet gotten significantly better. I have been on Accutane for a 4 full months now. STUPID iPledge program. My doc told me that I am registered. But I can't fill my prescription!!! THIS SUCKS SOOOO MUCH!! I only have like 10 pills left. That means I have to keep on taking 40MG a day until my derm registers me and gets everything straigh
    2. accutaner

      120Mg of ACCUTANE A DAY!

      DAY 96!!! face is still breaking out. I have to register for the iPledge program thing. if not, i wont get my last months of accutane and I will have to wait a long time before goingon accutane again. i have to call my derm soon!! okay... that's it for today. -jay
    3. accutaner

      120Mg of ACCUTANE A DAY!

      i HATE my face right now..... lately i have been a lot more confident about myself though.... i have other ... more important things to worry about...... anyway.... i hope you are all doing better now.... Today is day 94... face still sucks!!!!!!! anyway..... Ghosty.... i trust ya!!! can't wait to have clear skin!!!!
    4. accutaner

      120Mg of ACCUTANE A DAY!

      Armani-Exchange. . . What dosage are you on??? I hope we begin to clear soon!!! I can't stand my face! It's nasty.
    5. WELL!! It is no longer a secret. I am on Accutane and I think I might try my Grandmother's cure. i am very afraid of trying it though. She told my mother to Inject blood into my Gluteous (did I spell that wrong?) Well she told my mother to inject 9ml or so of my Own blood into my ass muscle tissue. Once ever week. . . she claims that I will stop breaking out after 3 or 4 injctions. i am scared. . .Have any of your ever heard of this rediculous thing? I want to know WHY it happens and my
    6. accutaner

      120Mg of ACCUTANE A DAY!

      IT IS DAY 91!! I am still not clearing up. What is wrong with me? My face just keeps on breaking out and breaking out and breaking out. I look so nasty. I don't look as bad as before though. I am referring to the time when I broke out over the period of a year with NO clearing or healing. This was last year. It was extremely tough on me. I broke off relationships with my friends and I would not dare eat lunch outdoors with the few friends I kept. I hated that time. I sitll hate my face t
    7. I am on Month four and I am breaking out badly... my face is gross right now
    8. accutaner

      120Mg of ACCUTANE A DAY!

      Simply Me, I think it's %100 fine. Honestly, I have been on 120MG/day and I am almost SURE that it's just the same as 40MG/day. I think I need to go on like 18,000MG/day to make sure it gets absorbed thoroughly. I may be wrong. Do any of you know what the "absorption-rate" is for accutane? How much of the damn pill actually gets into our bodies that we don't pee away? I don't know, maybe I am just being pessimistic. But I think that maybe if all of us go on something like 240MG/day of accutane
    9. accutaner

      120Mg of ACCUTANE A DAY!

      Ghosty, Your pictures are very inspring! Thanks dude! So, I went to the derm yesterday. He kept me at 120mg/Day for this month. YAY YAY YAY he toook me off of the Erythromycin Topical Solution! I hated it soooo much. It would sting my face and I would shed a couple tears every time I put it on because it just hurt sooo damn much! Okay . . .So I am still breaking out. It sucks... it sucks a lot!!! i hate it, i have gotten used to it now. Or so I think, I am becoming very social because I reali
    10. accutaner

      120Mg of ACCUTANE A DAY!

      HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!! I was my own valentine, I took myself shopping, yay! Okay. . . Armani-Exchange, yes I am still breaking. I am breaking out badly. The wort area of my face is my cheeks! eeeeeeeew. Today is day 34 of 120MG/day ..... and it's day 85 of Accutane in general. okay i really don't have much to say tonight.... acne sux... that's it. I see my derm tomorrow !! so i should be excited!! thanks for responding y'all!! -jay p.s. Ghosty, did you clear up well??? you took a lot
    11. Hey Everyone! I decided to post another journal, the other one doesn't let me update anymore. Brief Intro: I am a 16 year old guy in Southern California. Last time I weighed myself, I weighed 139 Pounds. i have been on Accutane for a full 3 months. I have pretty reulsive and nasty acne. My face is extremely damaged from previous medications and picking which led to scarring. Okay. I have been on Accutane for 3 months. I have an appointment with my dermatologist on Wednesday the 15th. Last m
    12. accutaner

      120MG a day

      thanks Danger mouse. A lot of people have comented on my Derm's choice of placing me on such a high dosage. I am totally fine with it. The only problem is that I wish he would have started me out on 120MG from the first month because I hated the "re-breaking out" that happened when I went from 40 to 80 and then agaain when I went from 80 to 120. Hopefully next month i will begin to clear. I can only hope. I weighed myself today and I weigh 139 pounds. I feel a lot thinner/in shape. I h
    13. accutaner

      Take the 48 Hour NO-PICKING Challenge!

      I have not picked or scrathed or anything. In the shower I rubbed my face more than usual but it was gently with soap. My face looks WORSE THAN EVER!!! I am going to see what happens between now and tomorrow night and then I'll decide on whether to continue or not.... My face is so disgusting right now. But I really want to see if it improves after about a week without picking. Because everytime i pop my zits they heal pretty quick it's jus tht I break out a lot after picking at my face so may
    14. accutaner

      120MG a day

      I HAVEN'T UPDATED IN A WHILE. . . DAY #79 OF ACCUTANE DAY #28 of 120MG/day It's my fault. It really is. I don't know why, but there has to be a reason why I have acne. I did something wrong, I've been doing something wrong, I'm like this because I'm stupid and I don't know how to be a normal teenager with normal skin. not much to say...... skin sucks.... ill try to update in detail tomorrow.