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  1. that's why it's 100x more important for you to wear sunscreen When you're on Retin-a it's like you have fresh skin every day... think of it as baby's skin... you wouldn't dare just put a baby out in the sun without protecting it would you? the longer you're on it and the more you take care of your skin... the more tolerable your skin gets so just have patience ok
  2. It is to avoid irritation because when your skin is damp or wet it can readily absord anything faster and further into the skin.... meaning unnecessary irritation... it's the same reason why I have to wait 20 mins before applying my Retin-a Micro.... nights that I was impatient and applied maybe just 5 mins after, I woke up the next morning all red and ready to scratch my face off... BUT... if you apply it damp and it's not irritating you, I guess that means your skin has good tolerance and yo
  3. Too bad.. because I've heard great things about this particular foundation... but I've learned from the past, now I refuse to buy any product that doesn't come with their ingredients.
  4. Do any of you have the TimeWise foundation's list of ingredients?
  5. Hi Jeanne, I've been using the BP Gel right from the beginning, only in the mornings though (can't use together with any Tretinion) and it's made the purging of my pimples go away faster... but has also increased my sensitivity to the sun and tons of flaking. Currently I'm using Clinique's Repairwear SPF15 Day Lotion... it's great... doesn't go on shiny, and doesn't clog my pores... although I'm realizing lately that it's not enough moisture.. since I'm flaking more... OR I'm wondering if it
  6. Has anyone successfully used the two together? Either layered at the same time or used RAM at night and BHA in the morning? I read that you should still exfoliate even if you're on RAM becasue the flakiness you get from it is not considered exfoliation, rather than irritation... Any thoughts?
  7. Has anyone tried the new Select SPF15 Moistureblend Foundation from MAC? If so what are your thoughts?
  8. I orodered Jlynnes foundation and her translucent powder... usually in the morning I'd be shiny by noon.... today I applied the minerals at 7:30am and and took it off at 6pm... not one bit of shine and it looked as good as almost 12 hour prior... It's excellent!!