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  1. 10 Weeks Update. I still have alot of blotchiness all over my face. There is one BIG patch of brown area on one side of my face. I'm currently using Tri Luma to fix that. There is also this line. It's redder than all other part of the face. It's so noticable. Time like this, I dont know if the result justify the money and complication arise from this procedure. P.S: I will express my concerns Dr. Y when I give him my picture.
  2. Clinque non streak bronzer? What is that? A concealer? Foundation? Bronzer? Sorry I'm clueless to this makeup stuff. Does both of this product have sunblock protection? Or will I need to get a sunblock and put it underneath/above the Clinque or Nivea.
  3. Yet another thread about this. Sorry :=) I'm looking for something that would even my skinstone. I'm having blotchiness and redness as a result of dermabrasion. Is there some makeup that doesnt look noticable. I'm also looking for something that has sun block protection. I heard of tinted moisturizer w/ SPF. Is that suitable for my condition?
  4. Anyone know if u can start working out after 2 month after dermabrasion?
  5. sunblock101, all the answer to your questions lie in my post. If it's not obvious PM me and i'll answer it for u.
  6. dolmal, I cant really answer that. In some area, it's too splotchy so it make it worst than before. In other area, it's better. I think if all the splotchiness go away, it will a big improvement in skintone. falnhart, The pix is @ week 5. I'm at week 8. The swelling has gone down alot! I post that pix because thats the most recent taken I have at the moment and I want to answer, dolmal, or any Asian question on how red their face after dermabrasion. That pix it's not intended to capture the
  7. I'm giving all of you an early warning. Keep any kids away before they are tramautize for life Here is my face... This is at week 5 post-op
  8. Yea I can only wait and see. 'Que sera sera'
  9. Wildcard, the doctor didnt give me the percentage as he mention improvement in one's eyes is all relative. He might think I have a really good improvement while I might disagree. I didnt really want to write my previous post yet. I thought to myself it's too prematurely to give a conclusion regarding dermabrasion since I knew before hand that collagen will continue to fill up several months after the procedure. Since you, wildcard, asked if I have regrets. I told you my feeling on dermabrasion
  10. Wildcard, Today is my 8th weeks since I have dermabrasion. I have alot of scars as I have mentioned earlier. You ask if I am happy with the result? It's really hard to answer that. In some way I am happy but in some way I expected alot more. Perhaps my skin looks so good in the first 5 week. I was disappointed when the swelling went down. I have most improvement from hypertrophics scars but for shallow scars, it's hard to judge if there is improvement. Even some mild scars on my temple, I dont
  11. To those who have dermabrasion already, Do you know if you know if it's normal to have some spot thats redder than the other?
  12. johnchlebeck, Im doing well. Thanks for asking Yes I have seen alot of result for hypertrophics scar. The improvement I get from dermabrasion is that they are much flatter. They are still hard when touch (probably due to overproduction of collagen) compare to the normal skin, and is also darker compare to the rest of the skin. In a show I saw, Extreme Makeover, they show a guy with excess skin and w/ scars as a result of previous suturing. The color of his scars are similiar to that of my hype
  13. I was wondering if you can tell me what week you can go back do your normal thing. I'm planning to go back to school soon.
  14. I also had a full face dermabrasion by Dr Y I dont think you should worry about pain. I feel no pain from the dermabrasion. After the 2 dermaroll shot and valium under your tongue I only felt the pressure of the wheel on my face. I experience no pain at all. Even after, I didnt experience any discomfort due to pain but rather due to oozing. I saw myself 2-3 days after the procedure and you can see raw skin. I was pretty shock that my face look so swell and red. If you not comfortable, you can a