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  1. Apply the ELOVERA cream as a moisturizer.. after u apply bp .. both work awesum !!
  3. hey i even tried exfoliation for the scar removal .. i felt better .. read the topic "Try this to fade your red marks" by Jessicastuart24.. it mite actually help!!
  4. SMALL HOLES !!!!! forget it .. i will even avoid the salt in my food now !!! Odessy, Your posts are rubbish and border on the insane. I cannot believe people actually respond to them with sensible advice. Next up, you will endorse using an axe to shave sensitve skin with...because after all, if it's good enogh for trees, eh? oh cheaptricky .. i think forum is for all those who r in trouble nd am one of dem .. all have doubts.. nd so do i .. though mine are somewat different
  5. oh well .. :D i think ur right!!!!.. If i can wash my face, brush my teeth everyday certainly applying some moisturizer on my lips won't kill me !!! :lol2: yep dats wat i was doing de whole day .. nd u know wat ..some sort of white skin got developed on de sides of my lips.. i exfoliated it with the brush .. it helped !!!!
  6. hey for try applying some talc containing chlorphenesin and zinc oxide on the back before wearing the sports bra.. this will reduce the sweat ..
  7. SMALL HOLES !!!!! forget it .. i will even avoid the salt in my food now !!!
  8. mick .. i will nything except for using VINEGAR on my face.. mick i wonder how u live wid it !!! i hav got a acne free skin after such a long time .. nd i dunt wont to spoil it by using VINEGAR.. seriously .. i dunt trust home remedies .. :snooty: yes.. dat exfoliation mite help though..
  9. my face is left wid sum pores which are visible wid a closeup.. phulzz help !!
  10. hav u guys got sum other cream for the scars .. nice cream which isnt oily ??!!!!
  11. DIS IS TRUE .. NO DOUBT !!!!!! "Products containing benzoyl peroxide are also very beneficial topical cleansing agents. However, if you are using products containing benzoyl peroxide, make extra efforts to screen yourself from the sun." I FOUND DIS ARTICLE!!!! (atlast sumthin true!!!) :lol2:
  12. mick .. i told u .. it wont last long !!!! :cry: i cant leave my lip widout dis cream .. i just left it dry nd widen 15 mins my lips got dried or chapped all over again !!! good lord!!! i cant belive dis.. i applied de cream nd den it is good now!!.. but if remove it den de same old story.. come on buddy!!.. i cant live on a cream my whole life .. !!!
  13. yep.. neva tire urself.. it can worsen the case!!!