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  1. Alaskan, What do you think your triggers are?
  2. i have eliminated dairy (as of two months), but have only noticed a minor improvement, to be honest, despite all the evidence about its connection with acne. i also know that green tea is a trigger, as is too much refined sugar. i'm curious about whether citrus fruits or dark chocolate (70%+) has caused it for some?
  3. If you are sure that certain foods cause you to break out, please post them here, for the benefit of others. Thank you.
  4. I should add to the above that I didn't mention yerba mate because it's pretty obscure but I am 100% sure it caused me to break out during the brief time I was drinking it, and I really enjoyed drinking it. Similarly, as crazy as it sounds, there are loads of people who insist green tea breaks them out, and I am one of them. Anybody else want to contribute?
  5. (Let's try to keep the topic serious, Jenny.) Regarding the tomatoes comment, I am pretty sure tomatoes break me out too. I absolutely love salsa, for example, and Mexican food in general, and I'm thinking this may be a trigger for me. I rarely eat it as a result now. Green tea is already an absolute no-no (as ridiculous as this sounds), and so I'm adding to the List of Forbidden Foods chocolate and coconut sorbet until mid-April to see if that solves things. If not, I will have to try
  6. I've limited it down to: -1- whey protein, -2- dark chocolate, or -3- coconut sorbet. I know one of these three is breaking me out. (Time to do an elimination diet.) (I've also discovered that I cannot tolerate green tea.) Which foods cause you to break out?
  7. I've been taking 250mg in the AM and PM for 2.5 weeks. I've yet to notice a difference, really, but will stay the course.
  8. lazrlady, i'm sorry to say it, but the scientific evidence shows that most patients see nowhere near the results of that one woman after two treatments. most people wouldn't see such a profound result even after 4-5 treatments.
  9. Let's sign a petition to get the legend to come back!
  10. To anyone just tuning in, there are a lot of derms who now realize/admit the original Fraxel lasers (i.e., non-CO2) were not what they were hyped up to be. You need a bare minimum of four treatments, and in many cases six treatments, to see a significant improvement in your skin. You should only be investing the money if you have money to burn, or if you're able to get a great deal on the treatments. Otherwise, I'd save for CO2-based fractional lasers or the next best thing to hit the market
  11. I will tell you that the skin of the nose is a bit different, and that's part of the reason why nose jobs are among the most difficult surgeries to perform well. I was told that TCA Cross works well on scars in general, but not always so on the nose. If you are considering treating them with TCA Cross, you should absolutely not do them yourself and should go to someone well-known for the procedure. Just remember, however bad you think they look now, they could always look worse....
  12. I've only had Isolaz done once and can tell you it won't do much for true cystic acne. For that, you'll need to change your diet and/or go on low-dose Accutance.
  13. any updates? can u go out in public yet??
  14. Can anyone please comment on which settings they are using? (i.e., which Level and which treatment heads)? Thank you.