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  1. Zeppelina

    My cr*ppy skin diary

    progress of my skin on the regemin
  2. almost a week on the regimen now. My skin doesn't feel so dry anymore, and the flaking has gotten a lot better... still a little here and there. I actually wore make up this weekend with some success. On sunday I made the mistake of taking a nap with the make up on.... I've got two new zits because of it! I ordered some BP from this site. Hopefully it will get here this week. I'm running low on the BP I have. I'm still feeling hopeful.
  3. Well, here I am... 3 days into the regimen. I have tremndous faith in this whole thing. Already I have noticed drastic changes in my skin. Since starting, I have not had any new blemishes, and several of the ones I started with are either gone or significantly smaller. Righ now, my only complaint is how dry my skin is!!! I know this is will pass as my skin adjusts to the BP, but right now my skin is very dry and almost chapped feeling. It is also extremely peely. I tried putting make-up o