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  1. I have some gel left alll the way at the bottom, I know in the old tubes you can cut it in half and theres about a week's worth of gel inside, in the bottle there might be 3 weeks of gel left, how do you guys get it out?
  2. OK I am almost 100% clear of acne, I get my occasional breakouts on my chin and moustache area (still cant get pass this hurdle ) But overall my face and forehead has been clear of acne. However, I still have red marks left from acne as well as some shallow scarring on my face. On top of that my skin complextion is a different tint all over, red by my moustache area, pale and red spots on my face, and darker on my forehead (where I have no red marks or acne) how can I take this redness out a
  3. If so, which one comes first? Sorry for the dumb question...............
  4. are red marks left by acne considered scars? they look like pimples but it looks deep inside the skin, are these scars or forming acne? someone please help
  5. I'm having trouble figuring out which to do first, common sense tells me that Tape>BP>Jojoba oil, am I right? Please respond by tonight.
  6. No disrespect^, but can I get more opinions? Thanks.
  7. My acne was doing pretty good lately. But last week, I was shaving my mouchtach(sp) and for some reason I started breaking out like crazy all around there. I rub a thick layer of the All Purpose soap on the shave area, then I wet the blade in hot water. So I don't know what's the cause of it. I'm using the only blade that's recommended for the regimen (The name is slipping my mind at the moment) but what seems to be the problem? (Dirty blade? Water was too hot?) WHAT IS IT? I'm even afraid
  8. You said cleanse everyday 2 times, then you say don't cleanse, what is it?
  9. I am using the On The Spot BP (Dan's tube is on the way so this'll have to do) and Eucerin Dry Skin Therapy Plus Intensive Repair Creme. Am I using the right moisturizer? Help.
  10. It's ok hun. It will clear once you go on Dan's regime. Just believe in it.