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  1. I am using it for clogged pores. I use it all over my face.
  2. I've been using diacneal for a little over a month now and I think it's great. My face had cleared up a lot and is a lot smoother and healthier looking.
  3. Bump for update first post on first page.
  4. I tried it and it made my skin worse. I had huge sores on my face and it was very painful. Like proactiv, I think it would probably work best on someone with severe acne.
  5. It is important to remember that all medicines work differently for everyone. If you are having problems with the Yasmin you need to talk to your doctor about getting on another brand of pill.
  6. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=83306
  7. If someone judges you by your face then they're not worth having a relationship with. I am very aware of my face and any pimples I have but everytime I make a comment about it my boyfriend tells me he doesn't even see them and that I'm beautiful.
  8. Have you talked to your doctor? I heard eating yogurt helps. I eat it every morning. When I didn't eat it for almost a week (while visiting bf in Florida) I had some itching down there. When I got home I was eating yogurt again and no problem.
  9. I've been thinking about using this. I've been on green cream for awhile now and as it has lessened my breakouts a lot, I still have some clogged pores. I did buy some mandelic acid that I've been using but I can only us it every other night or every two nights because it dries my skin out. I got the 10% alcohol free from GoW. I'm only 20 and getting rid of the acne is more important than the anti-aging green cream. I think I'll continue until I'm out of green cream and then see about this stuff
  10. I've moved up to level 6. I haven't had too many pimples due to purging but it's only a sample which I know is not as effective but I had to wait til I had some $ to get real stuff. lol I'm only using it at night because I find it works better. During the day I've just been washing and applying moisturizer which seems to be working. I wanted to get away from the use of BP and it really seems to have made my face better. I have used SA on developing cysts because it makes it go away like that! lo
  11. I've been using green cream. Getting ready to try mandelic acid.