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  1. Giannina


    I don't know which one to order, which one is better controling oil... balancing powder or pure silk dust?? HELP ME!!
  2. Giannina

    Slash scars

    I have a couple of slash scars too... does anyone know what to do to make them fade??
  3. Giannina

    if you HAD to choose three...

    Foundation/concealer tweezers eyeliner
  4. Giannina


    I finally found my perfect foundation (EM's medium beige semi matte), but now they have cool, warm, and neutral, I've tried the neutral one, and it's definetely not the same, when I applied it like a concealer after I put it on, it looked like I had dark patches on my skin, I don't know what to do, I want the old ones!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Giannina

    Everyday Minerals Color Help

    yeah.. I tried the intensive one and it was darker than the semi-matte
  6. Giannina

    I finally did it

    I wish I could do that
  7. Giannina


    I've used it, you should try Everyday minerals is way better
  8. Giannina

    makeup for those on retinoids

    I'm on Retin-a and use Everyday Minerals
  9. Giannina

    someone please tell me.

    it gives you a natural look
  10. It takes me half an hour
  11. Giannina

    best mineral makeup?

    Everyday Minerals
  12. Giannina

    Everyday Minerals Intensive Formula

    I've used it, but I don't like it, I like more the semi-matte formula
  13. Giannina


    The apple blush from Everyday Minerals
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