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  1. K-Mart

    Danicaa! 092.jpg

    ridin on da bus!
  2. K-Mart


    ur face is perfect.
  3. K-Mart

    The Ansewr

    a little what have you
  4. K-Mart


    From the album: The Ansewr

    you cant miss the bear...
  5. K-Mart

    So close to clear!

    your crazy I don't think you could improve at all
  6. K-Mart

    one month of ziana

    Nice pic...your face has a nice shape
  7. K-Mart

    week 12

    Nice looking good.
  8. K-Mart


    Accutane should help you out.
  9. K-Mart

    month 2 day 32!!

    looking clearrrrrrrrr
  10. K-Mart


    Whats your dosage?
  11. K-Mart

    Crystal clear

    Looking good dude, fuhking cheers to accutane...
  12. K-Mart

    Month 1 - December 07, Pic 3

    Best of look with accutane, it should work fine...you should be clear by the summer (:
  13. K-Mart

    this shows some of the scarring

    Ouch that sucks.
  14. K-Mart

    7 Months In

    That shit is getting cleared out...Nice
  15. K-Mart

    here is a new one

    Making strides...how much longer do you have?
  16. K-Mart

    me 1.jpg

    I agree the short hair looks great.
  17. cheechoo...too bad they just lost to my avs!

    1. K-Mart

      2 WEEKS Skintacktix LEFT

      my left side was usually better than my right...no idea why. I think its cuz my right eye is lazy...
    2. K-Mart

      Red Sox Ring

      Psssh red sox... rockies will be back next year!
    3. Go sharks! sandis ozolinsh is my favorite player...

      1. K-Mart

        120 Days on Claravis (accutane)

        Looks great
      2. K-Mart

        My accutane log!!

        Sometimes it takes 2 or more months to see improvement so hang in there and drink the water.
      3. K-Mart


        nice leps...
      4. K-Mart

        3rd week [40 mg]

        Good luck, accutane really helped me out. Drink lots of water and keep looking up.