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  1. K-Mart

    The Ansewr

    a little what have you
  2. Hey,

    Thanks for the advice but I feel my acne is mild enough that I will just take a 40mg/ 5 onth course. I don't want to up the dosage and have any negative side effects. Thanks though!

  3. I know. :'( It was a sad thing to watch.

  4. cheechoo...too bad they just lost to my avs!

  5. Mine's Cheechoo! Hence the jersey.

  6. Go sharks! sandis ozolinsh is my favorite player...

  7. Sometimes it takes 2 or more months to see improvement so hang in there and drink the water.
  8. but silicone injections bring them back

  9. haha is that right? :)

  10. So are you gonna come to Colorado? I'll pay for your bus fare (:

  11. Roids shrink your testes.

  12. Hell yah I love trailer park boys!

  13. hell yes, and don't knot your hair all up either. if you have long hair let it down so we can see it, cannot tell you how much of an effect letting down your hair can have