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  1. Mery

    Hi Maya

    I would like to know how is your skin now after the needling? please let me know :)

  2. Where hav u gone? Maybe u dont hav acne anymore and that's why u dont come again.

  3. I hope u check this... I wanted u to know ur posts here have been extremely helpful. Thank U :)

  4. Aww don't be embarrased Ebby ... it took me ages to work out LOL was a couple of years back! Actually, I have a secret, unique stash of "Essence of IMHO" .... heals scars in a jiffy! Only $3,00000000000000000 for a small vial. Visit my ebay store!!!!! Any takers?
  5. You'll look so stupid with an asprin stuck to your head, that you can laugh the pain away! Works for me
  6. Hey Ebby I think IMHO = In my honest opinion. Laugh yer socks off NOW!
  7. ?? You mean...names of mushrooms or names of dishes?? lol. I'm confused now. My favorite mushrooms are those.......ummm.....DEUNG GU! I forget what the english name is (know it Maya?). Y'know those big black asian mushrooms that you buy dry, so you have to soak them in water before cooking. Yum.
  8. Eeee. ^^^ that looks like my faan bpo! Is that WHITE rice I see? You need to add a little more water for brown rice as it take longer to cook.
  9. From jc's great insight ... hope you're not trying to get pregnant zero. :-s
  10. I've already done 1 liver flush - I was going to do another one last night ... but then I read about how liver flushes are more effective during certain phases of the moon. So .....now I will do liver flushing only between the Full moon and the New moon. I was very worried and scared before doing that liver flush, but it's not that bad! Have you read jc's liver flush thread? (personal regime forums) it's very good.
  11. Well, I'd love to come to NYC ...