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  1. I did see the AHA FAQ; I have neither body acne nor flakiness but I was anticipating the gel's use to both treat and prevent acne -- just as I had previously used BP over my entire face rather than as a spot treatment. Thank you for the product though, Dan. I hope it works well!
  2. Thank you for the replies, but a moisturizer? I was under the impression that Dan's AHA doubled as an acne treatment. That's why I placed an order for it -- previously I had been using Aqua Glycolic's facial cleanser as a treatment.
  3. The directions for applying Dan's AHA are incredibly brief: apply very gently until absorbed. What's the deal here? Right now I'm using Aqua Glycolic's AHA cleanser (which also contains 10% glycolic acid) and the directions tell users to apply a moderate amount to dry skin, massage; add water, massage skin again and rinse. I was under the impression that most AHA cleansers worked this same way -- after all, many contain the same active ingredients. I think I could massage all day and it wouldn'
  4. You know, I think I might have (had?) e. coli as well. I got a stomach ache and diarrhea for the first time in a long time today. I thought I may have been safe with the fresh, unbagged, organic spinach that I bought from HyVee, although it's admittedly California grown, which is where the strand is traced to. This kind comes wrapped in a big bundle of spinach leaves; I had the misfortune of finding a dead ant attached to one of the stalks. Needless to say, my appetite for spinach vanished prett
  5. Pasteurized milk breaks me out too; I'd recommend drinking raw milk as that works just fine for me (and tastes better too!)
  6. richs: listen to Angelis. Elimination of grains and sugars from your diet should help tremendously. Of course, that is difficult, but you can try to drastically cut down on grains and sugars. Like Angelis said, don't nuke your face with chemicals, or else you'll be dealing with redmarks and possibly mild scars. Oh, and sunlight (without sunblock) is healthy; just make sure you don't burn and you're set.
  7. It's just confirmed in bagged spinach. Buy it fresh.
  8. Guys, give him a break. And mikee, I've been getting plenty of sunlight in the past couple weeks (not on Necromancer's recommendation, by the way) to help heal my redmarks, and it's working like a charm. And this is when I was told that sunlight is the worst thing for redmarks. Of course if you are taking topicals, your face will be sensitive to the sun, so it'd be best to stop those. Sunlight - WITHOUT carcinogenic sunblocks - is healthy; the key is just to avoid getting burned. My skin never s
  9. Proteins are essential components of all living organisms and are involved in every process within a living cell, so I'm going to assume that they're vital for healing skin. As far as food order goes, I eat according to the system of metabolic typing as espoused by Dr. Mercola. Because I am a protein type (and an extremely fast oxidizer to boot), I eat what are considered my body's most important foods first: meats. I see no problem with red meats and fatty meats; often these are stacked with n
  10. I'm assuming you eat the fatty meats because you really enjoy them. I think it's a possible indicator that you thrive on foods high in protein (hell, you even eat tongue), just like myself. I actually stay clear from red meats as my primary source of food. I also eat low-carb vegetables, such as celery and spinach, and small amounts of fruit. I don't eat any grains period. Of course, my problem isn't really acne at all anymore but simply a matter of healing my skin, since I have quite a few red
  11. Damn..I thought I dropped this days ago.. Oh welll Just to let you know making your font bigger.. Wont really make you right... And just like the special olympics..lol.. YOUR STILL FUCKIN RETARDED!! Damn..I thought I dropped this days ago.. Oh welll Just to let you know making your font bigger.. Wont really make you right... And just like the special olympics..lol.. YOUR STILL FUCKIN RETARDED!! humorous, but how does the special olympics relate to a discussion on
  12. Case, Do you follow a diet in line with your metabolic type? I seem to recall one of your posts suggesting so. At any rate, this thread brough a smile to my face. While visiting my grandparents' house over labor day weekend, my grandma baked cut-out sugar cookies with buttery icing and sprinkles and all that good stuff. Sugars and refined carbohydrates are bad for anyone, but they're even worse for protein types like myself so I was able to resist eating them, but DAMN they smelled good!
  13. Try raw whole milk from grass-fed cows. The standard store-bought stuff breaks me out, but I have no problems with raw milk.
  14. I primarily eat red meats as my dieting method of keeping my skin clear. Of course I eat fruits and vegetables as well (and avoid grains and sugars), but going veg probably won't clear you up, because more than likely you aren't eating according to your metabolic type. Drinking standard milk would always break me out (my nose would have lots of blackheads, especially), but I have no problems with drinking raw (unpasteurized) whole milk.
  15. Coconut oil is my sole cooking oil. I even use it on raw vegetables (such as carrots) to give it a better flavor.