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    Age: 17<br />Gender: Male<br />Status of acne: A few on my cheeks, starting to clear up fast though.<br /><br />Currently using Equate Acne Treatment Cream (Absolutly awesome) and AcneFree.
  1. Inve

    Me :/

  2. It actually does, you trick yourself into thinking you have almost no acne or any redmarks, and as a result you don't touch it or make a big deal about it. And if you don't make a big deal about it, nobody else will.. I've found that out myself. Protein will help repair the damaged tissue also..
  3. Go outside for a week with your shirt off for about 5 minutes everyday. You will not get tanned or burned, but it will darken you skin a little and they will not be noticable. Another thing is to eat things with a lot of protein.
  4. Actually she does get a few here and there.
  5. That is wrong, less blood flow will slow the process of reconstruction from damage. Why do you think if you get a scratch on your eye that it can be there for years? Because your eye has almost no blood flow so it takes a long time for the damage to be fixed.
  6. I tried some stuff you use in the shower and it actually made my acne worse. I'll get the name of the product for you tomorrow.
  7. That's odd. Shaving actually clears me up.
  8. I have acne and I have found the girl of my dreams. Your ance is only as bad as you make it seem. If somebody asks you about it or makes a comment about your acne, shrug it off like its nothing and change the subject. It shows you have confidence. A real girl looking for love doesn't judge by looks, she judges by personallity and how you make her feel.
  9. DO NOT itch or scratch it. I have had that before and if you mess with it, you tend to break out in that area.
  10. It may or may not be the actual Vitamin E that is doing this. Just seems like it would make sense if it contains that substance and that is what it is known to do. I have also found that nuts have tons of protein in them and that may be the cause of it...
  11. It's an illusion, the rest of your skin gets red due to the heat and it matches the rest of your face.
  12. I have noticed a difference withen days.. not much, but enough for me to notice. Tomorrow I'm stopping by the store to buy a whole bunch of peanuts and it's going to become my new snack.
  13. I've had moderate acne for a little over a year and now it is finally going away but it is leaving me with the battle wounds. But I have found a way to fade them out. It is not by make-up, laser, medicine, or anything like that. The answer is, peanuts. Sounds kinda weird I know but, one day at work (Ace Hardware) I was pigging out on peanuts and I noticed the following days the spots were starting to fade. And now last week I was eating them again and the same thing happened. I did some re