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  1. Um are you asking how figure out how much to take cause its really simple. first you convert your weight to kg. you can do this by going to google.com and typing in your search "150 pounds to kg" (or whatever your weight is) and it will convert it for you. then hit back and change your search to that kg result times 1.25. so with 150 pounds you would go back to google and hit "68x1.25" and get 85. You would take 80mg because noone takes 90 since it means three pills a day.
  2. im on day 13 of 60mg a day and my skin isnt dry at all compared to usual (i have naturally dry skin to start out). My lips are not chapped at all either. Maybe the accutane just isnt working for me.
  3. are you guys dry yet? im on day 13 and have experienced absolutely no side effects. im on 60 mg a day. i think i may be part of the lucky 10% http://www.skinsite.com/info_accutane.htm i hope my body isnt just rejecting the drug or something weird like that.
  4. why would you take 70? just up it 10mg and then you only have to take 2 pills a day instead of 3. Does your insurance allow you to take 70?
  5. my insurance covers one visit per month for acne. at least i think it does, and i havent been willing to chance it by doing two.
  6. Im on my 10th day of accutane and still absolutely nothing has changed. Ive been dutifully taking 60mg a day, each time with a high fat meal (20 in morning 40 at night). Yet still i havent noticed any difference whatsoever in terms of how dry my face is. My lips are still as normal and undry as ever. Arent they supposed to be dry and chapped? What gives? Is there something wrong with this? Did anyone else not have dry lips after their first week or am i alone in my complete lack of side effects.
  7. just see a different derm. Its so easy to get accutane. If the first one rejects you, just keep seing one every month til you find one who will give it to you.
  8. even the most irresponsible of irresponsible doctors will not prescribe it for you so i would look elsewhere.
  9. the drugs will still be made and available in online pharmacies if you need them. There is a market outside the US that will still have a demand for it. I really think it will be nearly impossible for a pregnancy to occur with new regulations so its very unlikely that it will be pulled. However if for some reason there are enough idiots out there, even as few as 20, who do wind up giving birth to accutane babies, the drug will be pulled in all likelihood. I actuallly had no trouble getting a
  10. low doses means your acne is much more likely to come back after your off. I have mild acne and im going to be taken 80 a day soon (im on 60 right now). Its the right way to do it. Also you too can get a doctor to give you accutane. If one wont prescribe for you just see another. edit: you are right though it will be hard being a female. My doctor who totally doesnt give a crap about anything or anyone even said he wont prescribe accutane to females anymore because its more hassle than he feel
  11. so the spacing really isnt all that signifigant? i dont absolutely need 12 hours between.
  12. OK so im supposed to take one fourty pill a day and one twenty pill a day. Im just curious but do you usually take the forty at night or in the morning and same with the twenty? Which order is best? Also should i take it with water or milk? Would taking it at the same time 7:45 in the morning and 6:45 at night be a good idea? or are those bad times? Please help! Thanks. Also is it bad to eat fatty foods while on accutane? i think i read that fatty foods help increase absoption, but i also know
  13. Ive never been on accutane and yet i have naturally dry skin and acne. All i do to treat my acne is wash my face once every other day (i shower every other day so i wash my face in their), yet my skin is still dry. I dont even wash with soap but use the cetaphil liquid cleanser. Ive seen people with acne like my sister and their foreheads and noises are generally glistening by the end of the day. I go the entire day and my forehead and nose are totally dry and occasionally flaking. I dont unders
  14. are you kidding me? well im going to contact him tomorow. I cant believe he told me he cant prescribe it due to ipledge. I found out why he thought he had too http://www.fda.gov/cder/drug/advisory/isotretinoin2005.htm Thanks for the info.