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  1. Sunblock, how are your punch floats looking? Are the scabs still there? Thanks
  2. TheExtricateApparition, retinA is only supposed to be used once a day, at night. Sunlight degrades retinA, and using it 2x a day is very irritating. Try using it just at night (pea size amount) and using a gentle cleanser.
  3. How about adding a topical to reduce bacteria? Have you tried something like Finacea? Maybe try alternating between the Differin and Finacea every p.m(or BP if you are not sensitive to it)?
  4. For me, I hated Tazorac. It made my skin SO oily and my skin was never 100% clear with it. I've read that the purging period is longer with Taz that other retiniods. I purged for about 3 months.. ugh. I can't compare it right now to Retin-A, but I am starting RetinAMicro soon. Just had a bad experience with Taz, not to alter what you think about it yourself. You might have great luck w/it.
  5. Yup, that would be fine. The RetinAMicro will speed up the cell cycle, so dead skin cells will find it harder to stick together, resulting in less clogged pores. The BP kills the acne bacteria. They do different things and work great together. Some people use the BP A.M and RetinAMicro P.M, but it can be more irritating that way. So to alternate between them every P.M sounds good. Just be sure not to use them on the same nights, because when applied together, they cancel eachother out. Hope that
  6. I dont know about the hydroquinone 2% while on BP, but you could use the proactiv until u get the Brevoxyl, or persagel which people seem to like a little better than proactivs. hths
  7. thebignosebandit, how long have you been off of it? my skin also became SO oily using it (and still is). i was hoping that my skins oil production would go back to normal after stopping but now your comments are making me nervous
  8. Love, How many punch floats did you get? Also, you said the tape covering the floats disintegrated at day 5. I am acne free, by am using topicals to stay that way. After those 5 days, or a week, do you know if it's alright to start the topicals again or is more time needed? Thanks.
  9. When I used Taz, it made my skin SO oily. I was on it for about a year too, and while it sorta helped w/acne, my skin remained constantly oily. It used to feel so gross. It's probably different for everyone but my skin is sensitive and I think that the alcohol in Taz was too drying and my skin oils were trying to overcompensate.
  10. Wow, Love, your skin is looking amazing! I've always wanted to have punch exicision for my ice picks but didn't want to trade in scars for lines. I guess it would be an improvement but the thought of waiting months and months for the red scars to fade made me think twice. I can't believe you have no linear lines/scars! I will definately have to research 'punch float' now.
  11. Try Purpose Cleansing Wash.. its one of the only gentle washes that takes off my makeup
  12. I think they are a waste of money. Their products, including the tea tree ones, contain a lot of irritating ingredients.
  13. Or you can go to CVS and these sell samples of 3, for about $2.
  14. I believe using the BP wash at night with the Tazorac will cancel eachother out. If anything, just use the wash in the mornings.