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  1. Howdy, just thought I'd wish you GL on the 'tane! If you're worried about an initial breakout, it doesn't really seem to occur to everyone - I don't think I really had a period when my acne was much worse than before, to be honest. You sound pretty similar to me - I'm 23, almost the same weight, very similar acne history and severity - and accutane worked wonders for me, cleared me up by the end of the 2nd month. Hope you get similar results, you should be looking good in time for the summer!
  2. While I hope things clear up pronto for you, don't be disappointed if it takes a while. For most people, accutane can take some time to kick in and a fair number of people don't get clear until say the 4th month or even later. Just hang in there - sooner or later, you *will* be clear!
  3. lol, have you got some kind of macro which alerts you as to when someone's log is nearing the end of the current page? ;-) And hands off Andrea, she's my AccuTwin now! muhaha. Seriously though, always nice to discover people at a very similar timeframe to myself, as you both are. Nearing the end of 3 months on accutane and honestly, time has flown by. It doesn't seem all that long ago that I was first eyeing up that yellow pill with a lot of wariness...
  4. Hey Andrea, saw ur new pics - five pimples? Really?! Could literally only see one! Looks like you don't get hit hard by the red-mark syndrome either, lucky girl :P Re. your contacts - are they deliberately coloured or is the green tinting just an incidental effect? I wear (regular, boring) contacts right now but I figure some coloured ones would be cooool. If they're indeed proper coloured lenses, can you get daily disposable ones? I don't like the hassle of using solution myself.
  5. Well well well, if it isn't my new AccuTwin! =) Sorry to hear about ur calf probs, I haven't really had that myself apart from one time when I was lying in bed, I guess I must've just moved my leg 'wrongly' somehow, I had this searing pain shoot up for a second! I just froze there, wincing against the pillow, lol. One-off though, not sure why on earth it happened and I hope I never experience such pain again No snow here, MEGA thunderstorms though. I love it, makes you feel all cozy when
  6. Day 81 Wooo, long time without any updates. Which is a good thing, as apart from one tiny spot beneath my eyebrow, the acne hasn't resurfaced. Have got exams soon but am just getting no work whatsoever done. Planning my summer vacation to Texas/New Mexico and frittering away cash on an all manner of gadgets. Just bought a cellphone which has got facial recognition, very cool indeed! =) Got the derm appointment on Wednesday, gonna see if I can talk him into making it a 5 month session ra
  7. Snap means he thinks the same as you i.e. the envy of clear skin Maybe it's only a British expression..?
  8. Ah, eyebrow spots are the worst, they're really painful and you always seem to end up knocking 'em somehow. Doesn't matter that they're not always noticeable, you know the damn thing's there! Anyway, glad to hear things are going well, a few whiteheads is no biggie and it's gonna be plain sailing from here on in now =)
  9. Day 67 Absolutely JACK to report acne-wise - which from my point of view is great, even if it makes for a boring post yep, in the week since I hit clearness, I did have one spot pop up briefly on my lip (disappeared the next day and I always seem to get 'em there when I drink from coke bottles) and one on my neck which also went away pronto, but for most of the days since, I've remained sans spots. Those red marks are continuing to fade too. Life is good. Well, it would be if I didn't have
  10. Day 62 of taking 60mg a day. Been completely clear since day 58 (woohoo!)
  11. Let's say you're on 40mg a day of 'tane. If you take that, and a protein shake containing less than your RDA of Vitamin A, you're still going to be consuming less Vitamin A than someone on 60mg of accutane...
  12. Glad to hear you're going for it Sabre. Taking accutane - so far - is the best acne-related decision I've ever made; I'm at the end of my two month period and I'm clear. Only side-effects right now are dry lips and occasionally dry skin. Nothing major. The vast majority of people will go through accutane without any hiccups whatsoever and I'm sure you'll be one of 'em too!
  13. Agreed. Using topicals and antibiotics and still having a fair amount of inflammatory acne and hyperpigmentation is not really 'mild' acne. I don't think it's severe either though; I've seen a lot of worse pictures with severe cystic acne, icepick scars, etc., which isn't present here. Falls in the middle - moderate methinks. Good luck sorting it out anyway, no matter what all our opinions are!
  14. IMO, acne isn't just defined by the number of lesions but other things too, e.g. how many of them leave behind hyperpigmentation, the severity of the pigmentation, degree of inflammation, etc. Someone else said they weren't sure what in the photo was active acne and what were previous red marks - that's my basis for classing it as moderate acne. Obviously, moderate closer to mild than moderate closer to severe of course...
  15. Getting drunk while on accutane probably isn't a great idea full stop...