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  1. Reading this tread I felt a great need to share my experience. I've been using CP Serum and Tri Reduction PR cream in combination with Exfol Cream, mild glycolic peels (up to 30% + 10 % glycolic cream) and microdermabrasion for about 5 months now and results that I'm experiencing are great. I would say that my shallow scars improved 30-40% even very deep chicken pox scar that I've had for about 30 years now. Overall appearance of my skin is much better (no break outs, no clogged pores, even the
  2. Hi Jimbo, TCA cross is a pretty aggressive method when very high concentration (50-100%) TCA (trichloroacetic acid) is used to dissolve the scar tissue and allow skin to repair itself. I’ve never used it and cannot tell anything about efficiency of the method, but unless the extent of your scars is great I would not advise it as some members of this board reported enlargement of the scar (you have to be very careful and balance the treatment as the acid is strong and can damage healthy t
  3. Your scars are not bad at all. I even would not call them THE SCARS! But if it really bothers you then I think you might find copper peptides (combined with acid peels, AHA, BHA or TCA-depends what your skin can tolerate well) very beneficial. I have started using TriReduction protect & Restore Cream with Retinol about 3 weeks ago and I am experiencing great improvment (with some of the scars like yours too). I do combine them with 10 % glycolic cream (every night) and 30% glycolic peels ( o
  4. neli


    Very good! Keep us updated! Good quality photos! Hope everything goes well!
  5. I know! See we probably need something to worry about! See I had acne long time ago! Then it sort of cleared up (not completely I still get odd one of two, but I live with it) ,scars stayed ...not too bad, think I could live with them (I already did for 15-20 years so why couldn't I just go on?). So then 2 months ago I burnt my hand,very nasty burn,painful and not very pleasant on eye!!! Doctors said: it is as it is, not too much they can do about it! Too early to treat the scar! Then all of su
  6. [Oh Lexy, I feel like I know you after everything I read. Go for it girl! Very brave. You are my inspiration. I think I am gonna get TCA now. Your skin improved so much!