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  1. *Sigh*

    Cold sores?

    Sigh..I dunno what it is..Its not so much a bump..like a cold sore bump..its more like. dry.... umm... kinda like i ran really fast and skidded across the ground on my face and ripped my lip..lol... thankfully its almost gone...phew
  2. *Sigh*

    Cold sores?

    Hrmm so its just a big coincidence that my lips are super dry and sting for a few days and tight and the next day i wake up with sores on my lips? thats why i thought they might be blisters or something? cuz usually there isnt warning that a cold sore is coming, ppl just get them
  3. *Sigh*

    Cold sores?

    Soo I think i wasnt paying much attention if I got BP on my lips or not..well..my top lip... andd so my lips were kinda chapped..and i just figured I got it on my lip like an idiot... and then....I got some chapstick..and it stung really badly...and that was uhmm..a week ago or so..and then my lips were just kinda dry but, no big deal, kinda sore from the chapstick stinging......and then i wake up, uhmm yesterday morning, and i have like 5 cold sores, and i neverrr get cold sores..let alone 5, a
  4. *Sigh*

    my whole face and nothing but my face

    I think you look good..I dunno, i'd much rather look at little scars on somebody then a big white explosion..=)
  5. snuggle with my kitties that make me itch =)..everyone needs kitties...
  6. Just use the toothpaste that my gramma uses..lol..peri..something..it basically taste like crap and its all natural stuff like baking soda, ..however natural that is i dunno... and it doesnt have anything bad for your teeth..maybe sensodyne or something? its supposed to be really safe and gentle on your teeth, so then basically all it does is dry out your pimple if you put it on it......butttt i'd use bp
  7. *Sigh*

    Acne from cats?

    Hmmmmmm What to do what to do....so bathe them and rub on them take benadryl <-i cant spell... and use cortisone? Maybe i'll......go get an allergy shot, get some benadryl, thennnn come home and take a cortisone flavored bath WITH my kitties?! super! hah okay maybe i'll ask the doctor...But i pretty much cant keep them off me....they make me itchy tho =(
  8. *Sigh*

    New BP Smells funky?

    I dunno what the old Bp smelled like, but I think the bp i got in the mail yesterday smells fantastic, kinda like, acne disapearing scent....haha
  9. *Sigh*

    Sex and body acne.

    Aw, i know what you mean.... I love having my back rubbed, or touched softly, but the whole time im freaked out that hes gonna like touch up farther my back and theres gonna be something there and hes gonna get grossed out..and if I pull away, im sure he'll just assume that means I want him to stop, or dont like it, etc... However, if im with a guy and he has acne on his back, i almost like it? It makes me feel...less... [insert right word here] ... like if he has acne, im sure he wouldnt be tot
  10. *Sigh*

    Acne from cats?

    I have two little cats, and ones kind of obsessive about rubbing on my neck, and putting his paws around my neck (like a hug) and the one sleeps on my shoulder at night...which causes my neck to itch immediately, and I've noticed my neck has started to break out..and i thought it might be from the kitties... so even if im allergic to them...will washing with the regimen, or anything else, make them go away? or are they different from regular..acne..? I just dunno!
  11. It irritates me when people are so rude to other people who "dont have it as bad as them" because nomatter what theres always somebody thats gonna have worse skin then you, or better...anyways, i dont really understand what redmarks are, like a red spot where the pimple was? Maybe because i wear makeup so I only really notice the blemishes...
  12. I get them almost everywhere, randomly, they stay in the same place for a while, and then clear up and my face is all clear, and then come back in a difference place, like my back used to be really bad, and then it cleared up, and now it came back with venegence........ then when i would work i'd get them on my lower face...chin and lower cheeks..and then i stopped working there and got just two on my forehead...and those left and then it went to my upper cheek and my left shoulder? neck? colle
  13. Hmm I TRY not to touch my face..but I cant help myself if i have a big pimple and I dont want to be seen with it..but I dont think I ever have done it while I sleep?? At least I hope not
  14. I would date a guy w/ acne... Its kinda like asking "Would you date a short person...or fat..." Its just another part of how they look...but honestly, i guess if he was covered in thousands of pimples all over his mouth and everything, i probably wouldnt be attracted to him...
  15. *Sigh*

    Proactiv BP vs. Dan's BP gell

    Proactive BP is moisturizer..and i think it made my skin oiley, and dans BP makes it dry...oiley or dry..hmmm.....I hate oil!