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  1. Hey Everybody. Yesterday was one of the worst days of my life. My friend was driving me home and we were both wearing seatbelts, he wasn't paying attention or something and he rear-ended a stationary car. The airbag came up and smacked me right in the face, he was fine, but I was bleeding pretty badly and like 3 zits just got destroyed...so there was blood from that too. My entire face was swollen and the ambulance came and everything. Luckily I wasn't missing any teeth and my neck and back wer
  2. Hey Everybody!!!! I just got back from the ceremony, and I think I did a great job reading...my heart was beating sooo fast but my in my head I was calm and collected...it was really weird. Anyways my dad was happy I did the reading and I felt so good about myself afterwards. He said that I did a great job and that he was proud of me and I said thanks. I also said that next time he should ask me ahead of time instead of springing it on me on the last second and expecting me to do it. All in al
  3. Thanks for the replies and advice guys. It doesn't really have to do with acne but I used to have moderate acne and have NEVER liked talking to large groups of people. I would be up there for like 2 minutes reading a poem about death and recovery to people of my dad's age...for some reason i get the feeling it boosts HIS self esteem so he can tell all his friends "thats my son up there" I do see some peoples points that I do live in his house so I should listen to him I think I'm just gonna d
  4. I have always been a good kid...I have rarely been in trouble, I don't drink or smoke and I almost always get a long with my Dad. I live at home and I am 18. He recently asked me what I was doing Saturday night, and I said I had plans He than says that I have to go to this community center where I have to do a reading in English in front of 300 people Saturday night. He said he signed me up to do it, and everyone in the community is counting on me to do the reading along with others. The readi
  5. I hate ignorant people that act like they know what they are talking about...even if they arn't trying to hurt you, it still makes you feel like crap. Here are some things that have happened to me. 1. Little kid asks "how many pimples do you have?" and than tries to count them 2. My friends dad starts asking me if I have tried using acne products 3. My own sister asks "whats wrong with your face?" 4. While on a trip my friend had this really expensive camera, one day I find the guys huddled a
  6. Isn't there anythings else I can do besides concealer? I have the C&C blackhead clearing scrub that I use everyday....but nothing seems to help this. I heard that dabbing vinegar on your red spots helps...Is this true? Thanks
  7. Hey everybody, Ive had this red scar on my nose for sooo long. It takes up like half my nose, and I don't even remember getting any acne there. Any advice?
  8. I know it sux. Have you ever tried using BP on your knees? I don't know if I would want to. But I think I will try that tonight. By the way, Thanks monkeypie!
  9. Anyone ever get any zits on their knees? 8-[ I always seem to get a couple there, along with on the insides of my thighs. It is soooo annoying. It is fun popping them though, cuz I know no one will see them. Just really annoying!
  10. Life seems tough defect, but it will get better. It did for me at least. Last year I was 16, and I did the exact same things that you did. I went home from school, and I just played video games. I never really connected with anybody, like I had friends at school, but we never hung out much, and they all were better friends with each other than i was with them. This year (junior year) Is a lot better. I think it is because I made an honest effort to make friends. I started hanging out more. Ga