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  1. Isn't that site associated with the EWG? Alarmist crap in my opinion. I'm cautious about ingredients (i.e., I won't use a body lotion with parabens, since it covers most of my body) but that site goes a little too far. It said my Shiseido sunscreen would cause cancer, birth defects, neurotoxicity, and all sorts of other problems, and the only dangerous ingredient it picked out was FRAGRANCE. And the shiseido ss fragrance isn't even that bad -- usually my skin gets sore if I use artificial fr
  2. Wow, the replies to this thread are really surprising me (except for a couple). Personally, I tend to put my relationships before avoiding a couple pimples. I certainly don't stop making out with a boy because stubble burn can give me skin irritation. But whatever. Sorry if this sounds harsh...I just think stopping going down on your gf because it gives you pimples is letting acne take over areas of your life it shouldn't. And YES, it will have an effect on your relationship. Be prepared t
  3. I used EM for awhile with no problems, but my skin is too dry for it now. Currently I'm using Clinique almost makeup (tinted moisturizer) and I'm going to try clinique supermoisture.
  4. From what I've heard, it can promote oxidation in the skin, which leads to free radicals, which can damage cells and cause aging. A good way to combat this would be to use antioxidants like green tea extract or vitamins C and E.
  5. It also contains niacinamide which is good for acne-prone, pigmentation-prone, or redness-prone skin, but can be irritating to some.
  6. What if you live in a 500 sq ft apartment with no balcony? Or an 8x10 bedroom in a suite with one window? Not EVERYONE can grow their own. And you have to plant a lot to get enough to actually feed you for a season, so it's not necessarily cost effective (not to mention you'd have to have a huge yard and a lot of time to grow that much of anything). Of course, it's a great option if you can. I just think the notion that "anyone" can do it and no one has an excuse not to if they can't affo
  7. Get some cetaphil or something to use as your cleanser most days/nights, and only use the Proactiv cleanser 2-3x a week. It's very rough and irritating. All that extra scrubbing won't help your acne and will just irritate your skin, make it look "burnt up" as you say.
  8. The oils shouldn't be a problem. They are saponified and they rinse clean, they don't feel oily or leave any residue on skin. The tea tree one made my skin very sensitive though -- I think it was a reaction to TTO. You should also dilute it before using on your face, and it's probably not good unless you're oily.
  9. I didn't see any mention of prescription acne treatments in your post -- have you been to a derm and tried those? A gentle facewash and a prescribed topical would work better than an acne "kit."
  10. About 6 months for full clarity -- and if you mess up and skip a month it takes that long to go back to normal again There's some improvement within a couple of months, but within about 6 it was like I was someone who wasn't even acne prone. I highly recommend it. As far as internal meds, it's one of the healthiest you can take -- much better than accutane or antibiotics (in terms of likely side effects). And it's much easier on your skin. Any effective topical med will probably cause some