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  1. I believe Milk thistle can be beneficial in liver cleansing, I don't know how effective or dosage you'd need though.
  2. Isotretinoin is not expensive to specifically manufacture it per unit, the only reason its expensive is because on the basic principles that pharmaceutical companies run by....to make a shitload of money selling you something you really want at a massively inflated price. You can get Isotretinoin for ten times less than $400/month for a course from the east, namely Cipla, India.
  3. Acne is a reaction to testosterone, end of. For the record aswell, the radiation emitted from computers, monitors, whatever is minimal. As it happens anyway, CRT screens are heavily leaded but thats not to protect you mainly against radiation. If you really want to put on your tin foil hats, you probably should be aware, that radiation emitted from radio signals (mobile and tv included) and electricity lines is far more of a relative threat in terms of exposure, as you can't get away from in pa
  4. Oxytetracycline solved my cystic problem, nothing else did (pre-accutane). Did sweet fanny adams to every other kind of acne though.
  5. Hear us out. Everything you think, decide and assess is mental, you know that the judgement you are making about your redness and heat is due to you thinking that. I hate to sound like the typical know it all Doctor prick but I really think anti-depressants is a route you really should think about going down, again, I know you probably have but please don't dismiss it. In this country there are so many people on them, I'm not sure whether thats the case in the US but from people personally I kno
  6. OK, I'll put it myself this way, its a well known fact that Christianity and Islam shown in the Bible and Quran hold women and animals to a lesser degree than man. Please tell me, cherrybunny, do you think that is acceptable discrimination? Carry on pulling the wool over your eyes if you wish, but its shit like this that just makes these religions lose their credibility.
  7. GPs cannot prescribe Roaccutane, only dermatologists can. You probably aren't going to be able to referred to a dermatologist straight away, chances are you'll be offered some antibiotics; oxytetracycline or whatever. If thats the case, do the course, if nothing improves, I guess you can ask to be referred to a derm. I'm pretty sure Roaccutane is free on the NHS but somebody who has got it off them prolly can tell you for sure. Good luck
  8. Stunted growth is the most important problem to me with tane. After all, you just have to see what it does to your healing.
  9. NOW NOW CHILDREN. and about the blender or hippo question. The blender of course, as long as its switched off.
  10. Simple, tell him you were a nobhead to me, so theres absolutely no reason for me to help you.
  11. Retin-A, its a topical retinoid. Accutane is an oral retinoid.
  12. You are human.......as long as those magical chemicals are there you still are going to have feelings