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  1. is anyone still on this regime? do you think it is a harsh regime if i use the C&C blackhead clearing scrub in the morn then 5% BP wash at night???
  2. cause the C&C BH clearing scrub ran out and i started to break out GRRRR, nothing helps me except this regime, how abt everyone else? when u stop it does your acne come back?
  3. ooh ur talking abt the cleanser..i wanna try the acne clearing treatment !!!
  4. i wanna try the acne clearing solution is it a good BHA??? it has 1% SA.
  5. ya i think she was gonna put me on low doses. ive tried everything for my acne in the past and nothing has worked and its been better for a couple years until recently. even my back and chest has pimples and i never had that before not even when i had VERY bad acne. grrr its so frustrating. i cant decide if i should go on accutane, and i dont know if i can, do most drug plans cover it in canada? how much is it? i heard somewhere u can get it for free, has anyone heard of that?
  6. im seriously thinking abt going on it. I'm 22 and have had acne since like 15 or 16. its not severe at all maybe mild but i wake up with like 4 whiteheads everyday and its frustrating. i have been to the derma in yrs but the last time i was there she suggested accutane. i think she was gonna put me on it for 3 or 4 months. how long were you on it for? and are there any side effects you experienced? i really dont wanna go on it but ive tried everything! is it a cure? or a temp. fix?
  7. im using grapeseed oil every night and its awesome. its also an antioxidant and a lot of people with acne and oily skin use it cause it has slight astringent properties!
  8. the clarifying cleanser by earth by science is sooo gentle its awesome!
  9. do you guys have any drug store recomendations for pimples? i need a cleanser and moisturizer recommendation
  10. i just started using c&c dual action moisturizer lastnight and have been breakin out in so many whiteheads GRRR.. is this normal? how long will it last, its so frustrating. my skin was pretty clear and now its awful!