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  1. HI - ive never used emu oil but from reading the product reviews... doesn't it make your face appear pretty greasy/oily - i use BP 2.5 every night which helps me clear up my face but as a result I have the redness/lobster appearance By using emu oil are you exchanging the redness for the oil slick look - Im not sure if there is anything to help the oily/redness look from having overactive oil glans and using BP - THanks
  2. hey - im wondering how it turned out - I have oily skin / which is also has a nice red tint from the oil and BP combo - I have tried everything... and have been on the clearskin reg for 2+ years... - postules are controlled but clogged pores, lobster face, and oil slick are a plague to me - just turned 24 - I'm really fed up and considering accutane - any suggestions
  3. does accutane turn your skin red? - it seems like every med i try including bp will do this - although i have seen some people out there with a completely cherry red head & neck - can this be expected?
  4. I don't expect peeling to stop as this has always been the main effect of using BP... I have found my main problem with my regimen has been extreme sensitivity & redness - Right now it seems I can decide between moderate acne outbreaks or acne control with a red face - thats not much of a trade off - I don't think it is possible to escape the red glow of BP - what makes it even worse it applying moisturizer - I've tried the neutrogena & cetaphil lotions - both have been extremely irritat
  5. Hi, My old Derm would do this treatment - basically you have a solution of acetone and dry ice which is applied to your face with some gauze on the end of a popsickle stick - The solution is very cold & immediately evaporates - This seemed to exfoliate and relieve light/moderate acne pretty well Has anyone else ever encountered this? Would it be practical to apply yourself - similiar to a chemical peel regimen?